[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - March 2021

[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - March 2021

Here's the roundup summary for the month of March 2021!

Version and Build releases:
  • 11141 (Released on 12th March 2021)
  • 11142 (Released on 26th March 2021)

Some prominent and most awaited features have been released with these service packs. Check our 
ReadME article for more details and upgrade your ServiceDesk Plus to the current build to utilize these features.

Product highlights:
  • ServiceDesk Plus now supports Azure SQL server.
  • Reindexing of all database tables is now included in the scheduled database maintenance operation which can be configured under Admin (or ESM Directory) > General Settings > Performance Settings.

Community Virtual Meetup:

Community virtual meetup held on the 17th of March, 2021. If you would like to receive the recorded video of this meetup session, please drop an email to sdpcommunity@manageengine.com.

this space to know about the upcoming virtual meetups.

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User Education and Resources:

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