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          • All line spaces are doubled when replying to a ticket

            When we click 'Reply', it seems that there are extra line spaces added between every line. Build 13009 There's similar threads on this from ages ago, so it seems that it still hasn't been fixed. 15 years ago -
          • SDP+ Backup Issue Centos 8

            Hello, I'm having issues when I try to execute full backup on my production server on Centos 8 (Logs Attached). Trimmed Backup works OK but Full Backup finishes with the following error: Shutdown completed..... Backup OS         : linux Database Arch
          • Character Limitation Multiline Field

            I can't type more than 250 character in Multiline Field.
          • Custom logon hours report

            Hello Community Member, I have a query, i know there's a template for logon hours on the latest SDP, but what i want is logon hours per day or yesterday, is there anyone can provide me with the correct query? Thanks
          • [What's Cooking] Upcoming New Features and Enhancements for Build 14000

            Dear Users, We are pleased to inform you that the following features are scheduled for inclusion in one of the upcoming service packs.  Timer Actions for Requests: Introducing timer actions to trigger time-delayed custom actions on requests. You can configure