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          • [Tips & Tricks] Share requests to make your helpdesk process simpler and help your technicians be more efficient

            Hello folks, HelpDesk technicians involve handling different kind of issues everyday. Most of the times, a request needs to be handled by different groups. For example, when a user reports a laptop issue, it could be an issue with hardware or software and so on. Unarguably, this request has to be worked on a collaborative effort and this can be very beneficial for technicians and for users as well. As the title suggests, ServiceDesk Plus has a feature that allows technicians to share requests with
          • [Analytics Plus e-book] Are you losing money on your IT?

            Hey there,  Are you unknowingly losing money on inefficient IT operations?  As organizations fortify themselves against a looming economic downturn, removing costly inefficiencies in IT operations is critical. Read our e-book to uncover and overcome various
          • Deprecation of basic authentication in Microsoft Exchange Online

            Dear users, As you maybe aware, Microsoft has announced that it will start disabling basic authentication for Outlook, EWS, POP, IMAP, EAS, and RPS protocols in its Exchange Online effective October 1, 2022.
          • ServiceDesk Plus 14000 Released !

            Dear Users, We're happy to announce that ServiceDesk Plus version 14000 is now available. The latest version introduces behaviour changes , new features and several enhancements to further improve your experience with ServiceDesk Plus. Timer Actions for
          • [ForYourInformation -35] Page Scripts

            The UI of ServiceDesk Plus is built over the hundreds of js and CSS contents. Every element/content that you see in the UI is a part of these js files. Wouldn't it be nice if you can customize the UI based on your needs? Would you believe that if you can customize the UI with your scripts?  The Page Scripts option is one of the enhancements that was released in the 11100 builds of the application. With Page Scripts in place, you can customize the UI to suit your business needs.  Where to access this
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          • 14000: Request List filters

            With the recent upgrades, how are teams or admins managing viewing queues? Most of our techs would use the group-based filter to view their tickets, with this function now removed, techs have had to create new custom views. Obviously this is unwanted
          • Upgrade from build 11200 to 12000

            Hello, I have a problem when I want to migrate the build 11200 to the build 12000. I get an console error:   Note : This may take a while ... Upgrading PostgreSQL  Completed extracting                    14% Completed     [-]       Error occured while
          • Approval: Unable to open attachments

            We've been having an ongoing issue with users being unable to open attachments when trying to approve a request. Users will click the link from the approval request email and try to download attachments.  It's been happening before and after the recent
          • [SDF-98513] Reply all and BCC in next release?

            In looking at the next release of SDP. I see there is  Reply All option in request conversation and description sections I hope this means that there are additional changes in the way SDP currently works. Currently, if there are CC'd recipients in the
          • [SDF-99229,SDF-106834,SDF-106835] Is it possible to view Changes in Kanban view?

            While I've been able to find a view for the Requests to be viewed in a KanBan view is there the ability to view Changes in this view rather than a list view? I have seen a request on here asking about the same but for the Project view, so I get the feeling