[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - June 2021

[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - June 2021

Here is the monthly rewind for June 2021!


Version and Build releases:

·  11205 (Released on 01 June, 2021)

·  11206 (Released on 23 June, 2021)

·  11207 (Released on 25 June, 2021)

·  11300 (Released on 28 June, 2021)

 Check our  ReadME article for more details.

Product Highlights:

Here are a few important features released with the 11.3 version :

·  SDF-96031 : DC Bundle

·  SDF-83850 : Zia Category and Template prediction

·  SDF-95978 : SDP Outlook Add-In

·  SDF-95983 : Encryption support for user additional field

·  SDF-81208 : Project custom trigger and Project Custom Function

·  SDF-72138 : Task custom trigger and Task Custom Function

·  SDF-89359 : Microsoft Teams Enhancements

·  SDF-70192 : Reusable Resource sections and Questions

·  SDF-91268 : User Management Enhancements

·  SDF-68939 : Project Import Enhancement 

·  SDF-90184 : Custom Schedule - Deluge support

·  SDF-78625 : Move blocking email to a different folder


The  Quiz-3  was held on the 15th of June, 2021.  You can check out the recording of the session and the questionnaire.

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Community Virtual Meetup:

The  Virtual Meetup session - 7  was held on the 17th of June, 2021. If you would like to receive the recorded video of this meetup session, please drop an email to  sdpcommunity@manageengine.com .

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KB Articles:  

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Term of the Day  ]   Scrum

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Term of the Day  ]   Predictive Analytics

Term of the Day  ]   Heuristic Programming

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Term of the Day  ]   Ubiquitous Network

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