[Term of the Day]: Concatenation

[Term of the Day]: Concatenation

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What is Concatenation?

Concatenation, also known as string concatenation, is a string operator that joins multiple text, string or other data together in a series without any gaps in a program to make a new text string. The general syntax to achieve concatenation is given below:

(data type)(concatenation operator)(data type)=(concatenated expression)

For example, In the Java programming language, the operator "+" denotes concatenation, as it does in other programming languages.

Consider two strings: snow+ball = snowball

The concatenation syntax in different programming languages is given below.

snow & ball: VB,VB.NET and Ada
strcat(snow, ball) : C, C++
snow.ball: Perl, PHP
snow || ball: REXX, SQL, FORTRAN
snow ++ ball: Erlang, Haskell
snow ^ ball: Ocaml, Standard ML, F#
snow+ball: Java