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          • can't make a request from the answer

            hello. please, help me. can't make a request from the answer if answer was added through the portal. but I can make a request from the answer if the answer was made via mail. I need to make a request from the answer through the portal and through the
          • How do I build a Report that includes resources from a Request?

            For example - I have a Service Catalog template called "Request Laptop" that users can fill out in the Self-Service Portal. Under "Resources", they can select a 13", 14", or 15" screen size and write in a "needed by" date. I would like a report that shows:
          • ClientOnlineStatusIcon

            Since we upgraded to DC 10.0.702, in Configuration/Details/Execution Status-View, now ClientOnlineStatus (green or red icon left to Computer Name) is missing. Is there a way to get this back?
          • Unable to restore database

            Hi, When I restore backup this error appears: My backup Version is:1121 My Fersh installation is:1121 Unable to restore database : The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "AuditFailureInfo_FK1". The conflict occurred in database
          • Requester portal

            Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to only show certain notifications on the requester portal depending on which client it is? An example of this would be: Client A see's a notification that there support hours are running low Client B oes not see
          • End-of-Life of Request V1 APIs - Impact on Upgrade, Scripts and Integrations

            Dear Customers,   As announced earlier, we are dropping the support for Request V1 APIs from Version 11.3 of ServiceDesk Plus which is expected to release in a few days. Any future releases will not have access to the V1 Request APIs. All clients and
          • Weekly Technician Reports

            Hello,    We would like to create a report that shows the following data from the prior week.  We would also like to only see Techs assigned to the Service Desk support group. Please see table below for layout  Edit: We decided No. of tickets reopened
          • How to connect Active Directory by Kerberos protocol

            Hi, In my org for security reason, block NTLM protocol for connect SDP to Active Directory. Now I want to know if there is a way to support Kerberos protocol to connect SDP to AD as secure? What should I do? SDP v11.2.05 DB: MS SQL Thanks for helping
          • Restart, WOL, etc must be executed one by one

            Since upgrade to DC 10.0.702 we have to Restart or WOL the Clients one by one. When selecting Clients, the selection is sometimes deleted while selecting more clients. Or the selection is possible, but unaccepted by DC (see screenshot below) [Very annoying
          • [SDF-38218] Get All SDP Pending Approvals by API

            Hi, I need to pass approval process to another software in my organization. Today I see Get Pending Approval API in SDP documentation, but this API has filter option(Default: MyPendingApprovals). I don't need to this filter and I wanna to get all SDP
          • Clear Desktop Central Agent Task

            Is there a way to clear all the commands or task from all agents.  This would be similar to flushing all agent task queues.
          • [SD-95450] Hide Security Risk banner

            Hello, How can I hide the security risk banner in 11205? I don't necessarily want to use the recommended settings. Warning : Potential Security Risk detected. Know more
          • java.lang.OutOfMemory: Java Heap Space error when running backups

            Hi All,   We recently moved our Service Desk 8207 onto a new Windows 2008 Server, I noticed that Backups fail to run due to the following error.   Please wait ! backup in Progress................... 0-----------------------50------------------------100(%) ========================= stopping DB Server >>>>> false Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space   We have updated our wrapper and startdb.bat files to suit 4GB (current server RAM) and 3GB, but we still receive the
          • Technician Log In Report

            Could you please assist with building this report: My supervisor would like a report that displays each technician log on and log off from service desk plus so that it basically looks like a time card.  Should look something like this image below: Ideally
          • Retrieving Approval ID or Approval Stage ID from request using API

            Hi, I am looking for a way where I can get Approval ID associated with a request. As of now, I only find that to be do-able through accessing SQL table manually. Using API requires providing Approval ID which I am unable to get from within the request.
          • Field and Form Rules - Works for some users; not for others

            Just a general question whether anyone has seen sporadic users completing Service Catalog work orders (like a New Hire) and field/form rules don't work for them, but another user has no issues using the same template. For example - New Hire - during the
          • API assign request to techinician error

            Hello, I am trying to assign a request to a technician over the API, but am getting a response with "User does not have this permsission". The user has a role of SDAdmin.  How do I give permission to assign request to the user?
          • [Term of the Day]: Six Sigma

            Term of the Day   "Six Sigma"   What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a process improvement framework that encompasses a set of tools and techniques designed to make organizations more competitive by focusing on being effective and efficient by reducing variation
          • [ForYourInformation -54] Manage your resources effectively with Resource management

            What is Resource management and why is it important? Resource management is the process of using an organization's human resources in the most efficient way possible. It has become an integral part of any organization as it aids planning, scheduling,
          • Unassign Technician when request is reopened

            Hi SDP experts, I have a simple need, however, I don't know where to configure this. Purpose: when a request is reopened, I would like other available technicians to notice and pick the ticket. What is think is required, is to un-assign the technician,
          • Asset Auto-Assign for SDP OnDemand

            I know the on-premise SDP the process to Auto-Assign assets from asset scan results, but is possible with SDP OnDemand? Is there also a list of what fields/information can be captured through through asset scanning?
          • Microsoft Edge (chromium based) fixes several security vulnerabilities in its 91.0.864.54 update

            Hello everyone,  Microsoft Edge (chromium-based) has been updated to 91.0.864.54 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This update comes with fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities. The details of the vulnerabilities fixed are as follows:  CVE ID  Vulnerability
          • Microsoft Edge (chromium based) fixes several security vulnerabilities in its 91.0.864.54 update

            Hello everyone,  Microsoft Edge (chromium-based) has been updated to 91.0.864.54 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This update comes with fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities. The details of the vulnerabilities fixed are as follows:  CVE ID  Vulnerability
          • Microsoft Edge (chromium based) fixes several security vulnerabilities in its 91.0.864.54 update

            Hello everyone,  Microsoft Edge (chromium-based) has been updated to 91.0.864.54 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This update comes with fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities. The details of the vulnerabilities fixed are as follows:  CVE ID  Vulnerability
          • ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and PowerBI

            Hi,  Can we integrate PowerBI with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud for creating custom reports and dashboards? I am looking to create customized dashboards and wondering whether we can use PowerBI with SDP cloud for the same. Any help/ suggestions appreciate
          • Add BCC field to notifications

            It would be helpful to add a BCC field to all notifications in Service Desk Plus.
          • Disposed Assets missing with filter 'All Assets'

            In Assets, a disposed Asset doesn't show when the filter option "All Assets" is set. It has to be set to show only "Disposed Assets" for the Asset to show at all. This seems to be a new thing (with the new Filtering-system layout) since I've had no problems
          • Load a second form based on user input

            Hi I have a New Starter form for line managers to complete as part of the onboarding & this has a number of resources within it, e.g. hardware, software, systems access etc. If someone requires a Mobile Phone then this would create some different workflows
          • Generate new timesheet daily

            Hi, I'd like Timesheet feature and I think it's useful for our organization. In my scenario, we should generate new Timesheet daily for all technicians. I think it's very cheap. It would have been better if this had been generated automatically. Some
          • Bug - I don't see Timesheet details

            Hi, I have problem to see Timesheet details. When I click on specific Timesheet, I don't see details like attach image. I'm wondering that other technicians do not have this problem and only I have this problem. I'm reporting to user for other technicians.
          • Commited availability of SDP On Demand

            Hi. We have a couple of banking customers that wants to use SDP OnDemand. However they are asking which is the Availability % commited for SDP Cloud once the terms of usage were accepted. Does ME has some document that states the commited availabili
          • Main Site and Remote Site

            We have DC with Patch deployment and OS deployment in main site. Now we have a remote site that we are setting new Windows machines. Main site and remote site are connected via LAN ( MPLS connection) Currently all the machines in remote site have desktop
          • Scheduler Should Be Controllable Groups

            SDP 11.203 MS SQL. We would like see SDP add a feature where the scheduler could be assigned a manager for a group of technicians and that manager would be able to see all of the technicians in the group in the scheduler, make ticket assignments, etc.
          • Task Enhancement

            Hi, From working with the tasks in request templates it would be great to have the following features included The ability to format the task description using rich text so we can add bullet points and make text bold so it stands out Would be great to be able to set a task to only create at a specific time of day The option to set rules that a task only creates on a specific day of the week (i.e. we have tasks that only create if its a Monday) The option to create a task template from a task without
          • Auto User Creation - API

            Hello there! ADSS is able to auto create users (quick enrollment) with some options, but they are not really quick. So I've request for a feature to allow using some API/script to enroll users. In our environment, we use a script to create the user in
          • No language selection option in Change Password & Enrollment process web-page

            Hi ManageEngine In the ADSSP web-portal, there is no language option offered for a user to select from during the Change Password & Enrollment page. This is has been noticed and reported earlier through some Support case with ManageEngine technicians.
          • [SDF-28079] Data Filter update - Last 30 days

            Can the following article be updated with the templates for the latest time filters? Where are the templates for the following? Last 7 days Last 15 days Last 30 days Next 7 days Next 15 days Next 30 days They are required for scheduled custom query report.
          • [Term of the Day]: Debugging

            Term of the Day    “Debugging”    Definition — What is a Debugging? The term Debugging refers to a process in software development whereby computer programmers comb through code looking for “bugs” — the source of errors, flaws, or security holes in the
          • Rule Based Approvals - Form action to trigger an approval process

            Hi Everyone. New to Service Desk Plus and very happy so far. But I am having an issue with figuring out how to make approval process be activated based on form content.  What I'm trying to do: There's a template for Human Resources to submit a new request.
          • Google Chrome fixes one zero-day CVE-2021-30554 along with other vulnerabilities in its stable channel 91.0.4472.114 update

            Hello everyone,  Chrome stable channel has been updated to 91.0.4472.114 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This update comes with fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities with one of them being an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability tracked as CVE-2021-30554.