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          • Server saying it needs to be updated but is already latest

            Hi, We have upgraded to 10.1.2137.9 to fix the vulnerability but the server is still saying it needs to be updated. We have cleared cache and even tried different browsers. Nathan
          • Domain authorization does not work through the form

            I had SSO configured for domain authorization. In this case, I could use the form for entering credentials to enter by another user (if necessary, configure something from the user's computer). But after updating (build 12001), it is not possible to login
          • A critical security patch released in Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP for CVE-2021-44757

            Hello all! This notification is in regard to an authentication bypass vulnerability that was recently identified and fixed in Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP. Registered as CVE-2021-44757, this vulnerability has now been fixed and released in
          • Migrating ADSSP to new Server, different Postgres Versions

            I am moving my ADSSP installation from one server to another and the postgres version on the existing server is 9.4.16 and on the new server is 10.15.  Instructions say if these differ to contact support.  Are there any additional steps when migrating
          • Blank Screen on MFA Endpoint login

            Hi All We are in the process of evaluating ADSelfService Plus and have run into an issue with enabling MFA on endpoints.  These are all Windows units.  On Windows Server 2016 and less, the process works fine, With MFA enabled on Server 2019 or above,
          • Configured Password/Account Expiration Notifications

            Hello Support Team, We have tried to implement option "Configured Password/Account Expiration Notifications" in AD Self Service Portal. But, I found it is not working and I'm receiving report mail, which I have set as "Dear Admin, No reports available
          • How to initiate password sync?

            Hello, How can I initiate password sync for some or all users? I use group membership as criteria to include users to policy. When I add an existing user to this group without doing anything else, it does not initiate password sync. How can I force this? Passwords are synced to Office 365. Thanks & regards, Vesa
          • Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

            In the latest hotfix release notes there is mention that a authentication bypass has been fixed in build 10.1.2137.8. Are there any details on the severity
          • Add a vCenter resource on PMP

            Hi, I would like to add a vCenter resource on PMP. When connecting to a vCenter via SSH, by default it lands on the Shell appliance and not classic bash shell. Is it possible on PMP to access a vCenter without making the Bash shell the default shell for
          • Trying to restore from backup after a failed upgrade attempt.

            I was trying to upgrade my service desk install to the latest version, currently I am on linux build 9010, trying to stairstep to 9049 etc. The upgrade failed so I am having to perform a restore.  I took a full backup beforehand.  The database is mysql.
          • Report for several accounts

            I want create a script that shows logon data for all my service accounts, 100+ accounts. This is to satisfy an audit requirement and assist in identifying where these accounts are used How can I create this report? Do I need to access the DB directl
          • User CMDB APIs

            When I want update Users via API this error apeears All sys field upated except addtional fileds {     "API": {         "response": {             "operation": {                 "result": {                     "statuscode": 3016,                     "message":
          • SSL Renewal but I do not have access to the keystore password.

            I need to renew my SSL certificate for service Desk, but I do not have the password to the sdp.keystore file. The documentation states that I will have to start anew. Is there a best practice for doing so? Should I rename the current sdp.keystore to something
          • Is it possible to send a automated reminder to requesters

            Hi all, is it possible to send a automated email to a requester after a period of time once a ticket ahs been moved to 'Awaiting user feedback' as our requesters tend to forget to respond leaving tickets open until a technician manually prompts the requester. Many thanks, Andrew
          • Anyone have a script to remove all instances of Java 8 and install different version

            Was using PDQ for a large project. As they had the built in scripts that aided in the deployment of Java. Tried copying everything over to DC for the remainder of the 100 or so machines but it's not working.  Need to uninstall whatever version of Java
          • Password Manager Pro new build 12000

            Hi,   Password Manager Pro 12000 has been released and is now available for download.   This is a minor release that includes a couple of enhancements related to agents and also a set of bug fixes. For more details, please see our Release Notes of this
          • Aproval Request Link

            Hi Team, Can you help me, I tried to create aproval ticket but  the approval link does not appear in the notification to the approver which makes approval by email difficult
          • Attachmnet File content type not allowed

            When a user tries to attach a word document that are password protected due to sensitive content. The following error appears: "File content type not allowed. This HR sensitive documents. How do I solve this problem? //Stefan S
          • PXE BOOT

            Hi, am I right in thinking I should be able to test TFTP by using tftp -i "ip address" get EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi As I cannot get a response from it, it says connect request failed ?
          • [SDF-61192] System field "Emails to Notify" should return user name and not user email

            System field "Emails to Notify" should return user name and not user email. When adding someone to this recipients list, users always struggle as they do not recognize colleagues by their mail addressed, which can be something like
          • Authorization to SD via LDAP

            hi! the system is configured to log in via LDAP, everything works. a message began to appear that it was necessary to change the password, although the account was being used by the domain. How can I disable this message?
          • Deluge Sample script

            Hi, How I can use Deluge Sample script on html form?
          • Register requester form

            Please provide me a register requester form on login page -- Some users haven't account, and please I want add link on the login page, when she/he click on the like, a html or java form appears that user can fill fields and register it via API  
          • Submit issue form

            Some users have not account, but she/he call phone. Please Provide simple form for submit request via API with this fields name: phone: subject: listbox (option 1, option 2 , option 3)
          • SAML Post Migration

            I recently migrated my PMP server to a new device. My SAML service provider details have all the information for the old server hostname. How do I update that so I can get SAML working on the new server host?
          • PMP - Migrating to new server.

            Hi all, Just wondering if any one knows of a procedure to migrate to a PMP installation to another server. I'm decommissioning an old server and would like to install it on a new one. I've done a clean install and restored the backup, but have not been able to logon with usernames/passwords used in the old installation. Any help would be great. Thanks - Rick
          • Discover Resources in specific OU

            Hello I'm new to Password Manager Pro and have still lots to learn. However this is something I don't find a solution for. I want to to test Discover Resources. So I want only to discover one OU with a limited amount of objects. When I click Fetch Groups
          • Redirect to Enrolment

            Hi,  This may seem like a simple thing to achieve with forced enrolment but you know users. The only time many use the reset site is when their password has expired or they have locked it.  We would direct the users to the URL (again) and they always
          • Changing Worklog-Template

            Hello ManageEngine-Team, we need to change our Worklog-template in the same way as we can change the incidents or tasks-templates. How can we do that? Regards, Jason Kehl
          • Please help provide solution of how to adjust/rearrange list of Urgency in Incident Form

            We have question from customer regarding how to adjust list of Urgency in Incident Form. In Incident Form, there are Impact and Urgency which you have to select Impact first before select an Urgency.  However, an Urgency list in default it arrange by
          • Change workorderID/ request ID in Servicdesk 12.0 Build 12004

            Hi guys, Every year I change workorderID/request ID to reflect new year in request ID using dumb record in custom format like 2020000020000001, next year 2021000020000001 etc. For example my last 2021 record id is 2021000020004568 and I want to start
          • Javascript method for shortening date & time fields from the date picker

            Folks, I often like to have a date in my subject line for New User Creation and Termination Requests.  I get this date from a custom field entered by our HR department, but I have typically shortened the date from the using the function from the moment.js
          • Field type for "users"

            As similar to system field "Editor", would be good to have the chance to have Additional Fields with type "user". Ideally, based on that field, several conditions (form rules, notifications, approvals or tasks) could be triggered.
          • [SD-94047] Notification Not working for Notify requester and Cc users when a technician's reply through email is appended to the request

            When I click Customize Template when trying to edit the notifcaiton rule for Notify requester and Cc users when a technician's reply through email is appended to the request I get an error screen.
          • Upgrade stuck on 3% from 11000 to 11100

            Hi, I tried to upgrade from 11000 to 11100 but the installation stucks at 3%, i wait for 3 hours and it's still there. i do a reinstall and a rollback to 11000, I don't know what's happening, i attach the logs file. i'm using a MSSQL database
          • How to make replies from SDP portal send as, or show who is sending the reply?

            When a technician replies to a ticket in SDP, we use the default template and most of the time we forget to sign our names at the bottom.  I recently realized that when the requester recieves it, they don't actually know who they are talking to. The email
          • approval script for additional field and form in the service request form

            Dear Support, I need solution, when i select any user from the additional field and form in the service request. when i add the request then the selected user from the drop down menu will send an email with approval link. screenshot provided for your
          • Execute Query Report API issue

            Hi, I want to use Execute Query Report API for custom menu in SDP. In first step I have problem to check API with Postman. I shared Postman screenshot with you to troubleshooting. I don't know I get "Unknown error occurred while processing your request."
          • Where we can download updates for the latest version of DC?

            In official DC changelog, the latest version:10.1.2137.4   But on the download page, the latest is  10.1.2127.19
          • IE (11 and Edge) and sometimes chrome

            Having an issue with the above browsers. if we open IE or Edge, and go to the url directly, it will not draw the screen or show graphics. If we go from a link we put on our intranet page, it will not SSO, but we can sign in manually. Chrome, will do this only sometimes. I have just upgraded to 9422 and this started happening.