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          • Tickets by Time Entered

            I'm trying to create a time series report that will allow me to see what time of day our tickets are being entered. The idea behind this is to take a month of tickets, and compile them into a line chart that will show us a trend on what time of day we
          • ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.6 - Build - 10603 Released

            Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. We released ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.6 - Build - 10603. Please refer to the Migration path table available here and upgrade to our latest build 10603. What's new in 10603? SDPMSP-18478: Worklog V3 API V3 API
          • Stop scanning or reporting Threats & Vulnerabilities for machines that aren't connecting to DC in a while

            Hi, We'd like to know if there is a feature in the Threat & Patches tab to stop scanning or reporting machines that aren't connecting to our DC in a while. Some of our laptops are not running constantly, so we have threats popping for these machines.
          • Help Desk Request Icon on Desktop

            Greetings, I've recently deployed a "Send Request to Help Desk" desktop shortcut using the built in configurations template.  It's was deployed as a user configuration.  The shortcut appears on the desktop as expected, and it opens up a help desk support
          • AD Full Import vs Delta Import

            The Full Import imports all users from Active Directory.  Does the Delta Import also import new users from Active Directory every 30 minutes as well?  Or just changes?  If so, in our case the 7 days is not fast enough and I have to import Full Import
          • How to restore deleted AD contacts with ADManager Plus?

            No IT environment is immune to accidental deletions or modifications and your organization is not exempt from this either. Accidental deletion of Active Directory information can bring your organization to a stand-still with a domino-effect starting with
          • How to get technician key

            HI  How do I get the application URL & technician key? 
          • Dirver Download Success but checksum failed

            Hi, We are using Notebook Driver Update in DC but last Dell bios or driver Update giving Download Success but checksum failed   This is problem must solved 1410625 BI-001 Latitude 5520 (1.17.2) 1312827 DU-003 Wi-Fi 6 AX201[PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A0F0] (22
          • Manageengine service not starting

            What can cause manageengine to not start after restarting the service? does anyone have any idea?
          • Forced Backup - going from build 11000 to 11100

            Trying to apply ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus_11_0_0_SP-1_0_0_Windows.ppm to go from 11000 to 11100 and trying to skip the forced backup but not having much luck - this is the contents of our updmgr.bat: @rem Please set your Java path here.set @echo off
          • Blank page when opening Admin settings

            Hello everyone, I'm performing test restore operation for our ServiceDesk Plus build 12000 Installed same OS version, same SD build, restored SD from backup - without problems. Server started, all looks working fine, but when I try to enter Admin settings
          • Password Sync agent needs .net framework 2.0 and 3.5 to work. Both these have a CVE.

            The article (  says Domain controller should have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5 for password sync agent
          • ADSelfService Plus Fixes and Enhancements [2022]

            Release Notes for build 6123 (Apr 13, 2022) Issue fixes : A security vulnerability which exposed admin credentials if the ADSelfService Plus server access was compromised while installing the login agent using Remcom and RemoteExec methods has now been
          • Deluge Sample script.

            Hi, When I try to user Incident Management - Request Custom Function via  Deluge Sample script this error appears, why? I use Deluge Sample script on API page  Previous Error at line : 1, Error at line number : 1 Missing return statement: Provide MAP
          • Desktop Central Patch Deployment issue

            Partch ID 500100, 30716 Are falsely being seen as a missed patch to machines that don't have sql 2014 of any variety installed , anyone else seeing this? This is even after running another DB update this morning. Running Build 10.1.2137.15 
          • Upgrade to 12000: skip forced backup

            Hello,  looks like -DSkipForcedBackUp_11200=true doesn't work anymore. What is the new option to skip forced backup when upgrading to 12000 ?
          • Manage Engine Service getting stopped automatically

            Hi, The manage engine service is getting stopped automatically. How can I get this fixed.
          • A requester that doesn't answer, is it possible?

            Is it possible to create a requester account that has an email address to identify incoming requests, but does not send out emails to that account? We have some devices that report alarm states to us but they don't need to receive emails from SD+. Thanks
          • share templates and tasks to help others

            Is there a place where you can share tasks and updates to help the pitstop community?
          • "Invalid Input" error message when triying to attach a document to a Solution

            When trying to attach a PDF document to a Solution we receive an error message that states "Invalid Input". Any thoughts as to what would cause this?
          • [SDF-85236] For each ESM portal - can we have a seperate URL to connect to each instance

            Hi I would like to be able to put links on our intranet that would open the specific instance of the portal  i.e. - opens the hr portal - opens the IT portal Is this possible?
          • Create Project Task dependency report

            Hi, How I can Create Project Task dependency report? like below columns? Task ID --- Task name --- Task Dependency name --- Task Dependency owner --- Status
          • Office 365 Stopped working - OAuth window Blank

            The Office 365 email settings were working yesterday morning (new tickets were coming in via email). It then stopped being able to communicate to the Office 365 portal. No settings have been changed on either end. When I try to fetch incoming mail, I
          • Mac Agent install

            Hi, we are trying to get the Mac agent installed. We are using Desktop Central Cloud Enterprise (not UEM) We can get it to install but can't get the remote control option to work. (the icon in Desktop central of the Mac's is red not green) It also will
          • Desktop Central - HP BIOS updates

            Hi,  does desktop central support HP BIOS updates? I have had success with Dell but nothing on HP yet. Please advise. D.
          • Planned DR Drill for IN(India) Services on 15 May 2022 and 22 May 2022 between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM IST

            Dear Customers,   We have planned to conduct DR Drill for IN(India) Services on 15 May 2022, between 7:00 AM and 10:00 AM IST, and on 22 May, 2022, between 07.00 AM and 10:00 AM IST. This will help us support our expanding server far more efficiently.
          • A doubt about about let's encrypt certificate

            I am requesting a new certificate and would like to import my own key. What is the format of the key file? Thanks for the help.
          • Form Rules for Set Field to Technician

            I am trying to set up a form rule that says If a specific building is selected, then assign a specific technician.  My form is not following this rule and is doing round robin through all of my technicians.  I have each technician in their own support
          • Desktop Central Client Compatibility with ARM Processors

            We would like to install the Desktop Central client on a Raspberry Pi running Debian Buster.  Unfortunately, Manage Engine does not support the ARM processors that Raspberry Pis use.  Is this something that Manage Engine is working on?  If so, can you
          • Create request via powershell script (custom trigger)

            Hi everyone! Please, give me some example - about create new request via custom triggers on powershell. I write script on python, but there is a problem with OS :(. Just need translate. I would appreciate for an early reply Script on python: import requests import sys import json import datetime +filename = str(sys.argv[1])     with open(filename) as data_file: data = json.load(data_file) requestObj = data['request'] workorderid = requestObj['WORKORDERID'] requester = requestObj['REQUESTER'] createdby
          • New critical bug with last update 10.1.2138.13

            Hi, Like usual, new update fix things, and brings new bugs... But that new one is very critical ! Indeed since that last update released this week, we can no more perform remote assistance on already opened user sessions ! We can start a remote control
          • uninstall error Cannot remove InfoPath 2013

            I am unable to remove InfoPath 2013 using the setup.exe /uninstall INFOPATHR /config "SilentUninstallConfig.xml"  The progress states its uninstalling but stays in Progress for hours. Then it will error out with the message "Either you havent provided
          • Different default reply templates for different support groups?

            I have multiple support groups configured in SDP Cloud and also have multiple reply templates configured. Is it possible to select a specific reply template to be used as the default for requests in each group?  For example, group 1 should default to
          • How can i limite a service catalog to a specific user role?

            Hi,  I have a service called "Provision of iMac desktops" and i want to limite this service only to the employees (users) with "UI Designer" Role. ​
          • Upgrade from 12.0 Build 12004 to Build 13000

            Hello, We are trying to upgrade to the next SD version, and are having problems running the commands. - Current version and build: 12.0 Build 12004 - Next version and build: 13000 - Two migrations away from latest 13002 - Have downloaded the ppm (linux)

            Hello, Please can I request a report for solutions: REPORT 1 - SOLUTIONS VIEWED Date Viewed User Viewed Solution Title REPORT 2 - SOLUTIONS OUTCOME Date User Outcome (Yes Resolved Issue / No) Comments MSSQL Build Information Your Version : 11.3 Build 11307
          • Closing comment - where are they?

            Hey there, i have been using service desk for the last year. I have been dutifully adding closing comments to all my work orders, infact, the system will not let you put a ticket to "close" status if you have not put a comment in. A new tech to the company
          • Save your spot for our Cybersecurity and IAM online seminar.

            Hello,   We are happy to invite you to be a part of Shield Virtual 2022 - our Cybersecurity and IAM Online seminar. Attend to discover how a SIEM solution can help secure your network from potential data breaches, tips and tricks to manage and audit your
          • Save your spot for our Cybersecurity and IAM online seminar.

            Hello,   We are happy to invite you to be a part of Shield Virtual 2022 - our Cybersecurity and IAM Online seminar. Attend to discover how a SIEM solution can help secure your network from potential data breaches, tips and tricks to manage and audit your
          • Save your spot for our Cybersecurity and IAM online seminar.

            Hello,   We are happy to invite you to be a part of Shield Virtual 2022 - our Cybersecurity and IAM Online seminar. Attend to discover how a SIEM solution can help secure your network from potential data breaches, tips and tricks to manage and audit your