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      Table of contents 1.Ports required for Real time log collection:   1.1  Ports required in destination computers   1.2   Ports required in ELA server 2.Account privileges required for Real time log collection:   2.1 Domain Setup :          2.1.1 ...
    • Deluge Script to fetch resolution content and add as a note when a request is reopened

      1. Create a Global function using the below script and save. Make sure that the application URL and Technician API key are mentioned correctly. Global Function: configuration = Map(); configuration.put("url","http://pcr90tz4pn:8080"); ...
    • Debug for #7963428

      Issue: Emails from particular mail address is getting appended to an already existing ticket. Since, logs weren't available during that time of issue, follow the steps in this article to isolate the logs Steps to apply this debug: 1. Download the ...
    • Fix: Error while sending mail using EWS

      Issue trace: [11:58:49:091]|[11-29-2022]|[SYSERR]|[INFO]|[122]: The operation can't be performed because the item is out of date. Reload the item and try ...
    • Self-service password reset and account unlock for Chromebook devices

      The Chromebook is Google's low-cost alternative to traditional laptops. Unlike Windows, macOS, and Linux machines, a Chromebook runs on the Chrome OS. Users can login to their Chromebook using their AD domain credentials, if their device has been ...
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    • Campos obligatorios en tickets cancelados

      ¿Existe alguna forma de agregar campos obligatorios cuando se cancelan los tickets? ¿Por ejemplo, la resolución o registros de trabajo? Actualmente cuando quiero cancelar un ticket no me pide ningún campo obligatorio hasta que lo paso a "cerrado". El
    • Passing Ctrl - Y to configlet

      Hi, I'm trying to perform backup of Avaya 4926GTS switch but the switch requires you to press Ctrl + Y before you can login to the switch. Using the normal backup operation was not successful so I'm trying to use configlet but there seems to be no way
    • Multiple Domains (AAD and/or AD)

      Is there a way to import users from 2 different Active Directory or Azure Active Directory? For example, I want to import all of our users from Company "A" and Company "B" both are in different Tenants. We are able to do this with our current on-prem
    • Upgrade from build 11200 to 12000

      Hello, I have a problem when I want to migrate the build 11200 to the build 12000. I get an console error:   Note : This may take a while ... Upgrading PostgreSQL  Completed extracting                    14% Completed     [-]       Error occured while
    • Approval: Unable to open attachments

      We've been having an ongoing issue with users being unable to open attachments when trying to approve a request. Users will click the link from the approval request email and try to download attachments.  It's been happening before and after the recent