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          • [Webinar] How to spot attackers in your Active Directory

            Hello,  Did you know that 95 million Active Directory accounts are under attack every single day? It's therefore imperative that organizations secure their Active Directory by proactively spotting attackers. This is the first and most critical line of
          • Business rule - Moving Ticket between ESM instances

            Hi, The scenario I have is that we have a Finance instance that is split into 6 different financial Support Groups.  If a technician from the IT instance Moves a ticket from IT to Finance it literally drops the ticket into no mans land, no group, category
          • [Webinar] Empower your help desk with user management capabilities

            Hello,  Empower your help desk technicians to manage AD user accounts from the ITSM console by integrating with ADManager Plus, an integrated AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Skype for Business/Lync management and reporting tool.   Register
          • ERROR CODE : 100

            Hi I have this error while updating SDP from version 11.3.01 to version 12.0.00 I also attached the log file my database :Postgres
          • import assets error "choose csv value"

            Hello, We are evaluating acquiring service desk with the assets option but trying with a csv import file with 2 test assets we always get the error: "choose csv value" when importing and we cannot move forward. any suggestion? Thanks. Jordi R.
          • Take to ScreenShot

            Hello, We use the Service Desk Plus application and change management. We have configured the PMP integration with Service Desk Plus. We access the servers through Service Desk Plus. but in some cases we need to take a screenshot and add it to the change
          • How to bypass yes/no popup window while taking backup

            HI friends, I have tried to schedule backup using Backupdataold.bat and tested with windows task scheduler. but while doing this task a popup window about desktop central backup will be shown and prevent taking backup. because my SDP is in Integration
          • SDP 13002 - Fail updating to 13006 or 13007

            Hello, We are having issues trying to update from 13002 to 13007. OS: Windows Server 2019 DB: SQL Server Logs attached.
          • Another Deployment is in Progress...

            A suggestion to clarify message in REMARKS filed under configuration.. I'll like to know which deployment cause this configuration to pause instead waiting or looking into multiple deployment policy to spot conflict..  Since DC know already that something
          • Build 10.1.2220.3 and Build 10.1.2220.4

            Ever since we updated to build 10.1.2220.3 on the Tools > Remote Control page we have an alert that reads:  Unable to establish connection! The configured port 8444 is used by some other application. Ensure that the port is available and restart Central
          • Requests Home Page - Display Multiple Queues

            Like to ask for a feature (if not already available). On the Requests home page where requests are shown depending on which filter is applied, we would like the ability to display 2 queues.  In our case, first queue would show all requests assigned to
          • Permissions Difference between Service Account delegation & Domain Admin Group membership

            Hello everyone.  I'm currently working through configuring ADManage and a couple other Manage Engine products.  I'm not really thrilled about putting a svc account user in the DA group, and am looking into the user delegation strategy to achieve the rights
          • This site is not secure - Logon screen only

            Hi, I recently installed AD Self Service and it works just fine with HTTP. So, I tried to enable HTTPS and I generate a CSR through AD360 and issued a certificate through my local CA ( ADCS ) and uploaded the certificate, seems to work just fine. whenever
          • Redirect Merged Tickets

            This feels like a bug or maybe it's a feature request but essentially it appears that when you merge tickets, the ticket you merged disappears. Such as the links on the emails goes to a 404 page and when you search the ticket ID it can't be found. It
          • Endpoint Banner Issue

            Endpoint Central Version: 10.1.2220.4 I get the attached banner message on the "Home" tab. Says "Email updation needed" for 1 user When I click on the view details button the results are empty.  All users have an email address assigned to them.
          • Endpoint Central Update Pulled?

            Were the 10.1.2220.3 and 10.1.2220.4 Service Packs pulled from the support page?  If I browse to the service pack page for Endpoint Central I ONLY see 10.1.2138.19 available for download.
          • 10.1.2220.4 Update - What's New?

            The newly released patch for Endpoint Central does not list what's new for version 10.1.2220.4 in the "Learn what's new!" link when you go to the download page.

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          • 13004 upgrade prompts to change backup password, then closes

            We are currently running SDP 13001. When trying to install the 13004 service pack the upgrade check displays this message: Kindly change the default backup password before upgrade Then the updater closes. I've never seen this before on any other upgrades.
          • Need some features about Tasks

            Hi I need a feature to set up autoassign for tasks and associate checklists with tasks. If these features exist, please guide me on how to use them, otherwise, Please give me some hope for future features.
          • Custom action needed to print the conversation and all attachments

            Hi, any help on using the API to print out the whole conversation (basically the Print option, with all the boxes unticked except for the 'Conversation' one), along with all attachments? I know you can use the print preview, untick the boxes, open all
          • changing from default template as a bulk task?

            I've recently created a new request template - I need to amend all tickets since the start of 2022 to reflect this new template, so that the new fields added on the new template are visible on the old tickets. Is there a way to change all existing tickets
          • How to mandate checklists and Tasks in RLC

            hi how can I mandate one or more checklists from a service template checklists in an RLC when technicians wants to go from one status to another. and same scenario about tasks mandation in RLC
          • Tech Availability Chart

            Hi, We are using ServiceDesk Plus V 8 build 8016. How can we make the tech availability chart available to users who are not admins in ServiceDesk Plus? Thanks, V.Tech
          • Default the approval process in Purchase Requests

            I was wondering if it is possible to default the 'enable approval process' by default when a PR is created and also set the Approver?   Thanks in advance!
          • Automatic forward request to external email

            is this a feature in in service desk plus? i want to forward off an email automatically when a case gets created.  We would assign it to the group of technicians but i want to be able to send an email to another mailbox  as well. i wouldn't say the email is external, but its not a technician.  it is in our list of requesters
          • Problems after updating SDP MSP from Build 10536 to 10600.

            Hello. In our test environment, we are trying to update SDPMSP from version 10536 to version 10600. It is installed on a ubuntu 18.04 system and works with a postgres database.  The update itself passed without errors. However, after we started testing
          • Teams Integration | Mention a Ticket

            Is it possible to somehow mention or tag a ticket in a group chat in team? The bot chat displays a ticket quite nice, it would be good if we could do something similar in a group chat, we quite often talk about tickets and being able to quickly mention/tag/link
          • Update from Build 10536 to 10600 error

            During the update there is an error in the logs. This table [UserAdditionalFields] cannot be dropped because it has these [UserAdditionalFields_multiselect, UserAdditionalFields_history] tables dependent on it.
          • Problems configuring IMAP and SMTP OAUTH (office 365)

            Hi, my application service desk plus MSP version 10.5 is installed on linux (Centos 7) . I have problems configuring IMAP and SMTP OAUTH. I have seen in some videos that they select EWS, when they change to OAUTH , I don't see that option. I don't know
          • How to delete Service category

            Hi all i have SDP Standard 13001 i'm trying to delete default service category when i try, i got a message saying Service Categories [Application Login] were not removed as associated templates are active. i already deleted all default template from:
          • Turn off notifications when Incident field "Do Not Notify" is set to Yes

            Hi,  Occasionally we have the situation that we need to resolve Incicents without sending the resolved notification the the requester. First off, i already tried the Junk Notification Rules. But Sadly the only criteria i can select are subject, description
          • After Upgrade to 13007 getting in between error while working in servicedesk plus " Error while processing request" or "Error Occurred at server side, Please contact you administrator for more details

            After Upgrade to 13007 getting in between error while working in servicedesk plus " Error while processing request" or "Error Occurred at server side, Please contact you administrator for more details". Please help us on priority as it is impacting our
          • Effective methods to migrate IMAP to Office 365

            Migration from IMAP-enabled email clients to Office 365 admin center is quite a tricky task. The process becomes lengthy and requires some technical skills to accomplish the steps associated while migrating IMAP to Office 365. In this regard, I have recently
          • unable to copy files to user's PC

            I'm trying to copy files using Desktop Central File Folder Operation. The destination folder is C:\users\public\downloads. However, no task gets created and nothing gets copied to the PC. The PC is online. Any reason? 
          • DesktopCentral Schedule Agent PatchScan

            Hi Is it possible to modify the schedule patchscan on Agent Linux ?  Thanks
          • Alphabetical list of Support Groups

            We've noticed that the list of groups loses the alphabetical sorting when a ticket is created. The sorting is visible when editing the form but not in a new ticket:
          • Upgrade to 10.1.0-SP-2220.4 from 10.1.0-SP-2138.16 fails

            Hello, For a unknow reason the upgrade to 10.1.0-SP-2220.4 from 10.1.0-SP-2138.16 fails. It runs the upgrade, then after a while rollbacks without saying anything. --- #PPM installation/uninstallation details for ManageEngine_Endpoint_Central-10.1.0-SP-2220.4
          • URL Blocked error message

            Receiving this error message when attempting to add attachments. Is this related to the 99meg limit or the amount of attachments trying to be added ( 38 )? 
          • Ability to display MultiSelect and MultiCheck fields in Request List.

            If an Additional Field is a "Multi Select" type (regardless whether Multi Select or Check Box sub-type), then in the Request List it is not available as a column to be displayed. Please make this available, even if just read-only.  Thank you.