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    • How to copy users between groups

      Instead of adding one user at a time into a SharePoint group, you can directly copy users from one SharePoint group to another across different site collections. Steps to copy users between groups: Click on the Management tab. Under Groups ...
    • Pgsql: Connectivity issue due to pgsql driver (42.2.16) - Compatible till 13005

      Why? PostgreSQL updated the default fallback behavior in the 42.2.16 driver in a way that breaks support for PostgreSQL instances. This version of the driver was bundled into ServiceDeskplus build version less than 13006. This PostgreSQL bug will ...
    • How to find deleted objects in Active Directory?

      Problem If you do not have the AD Recycle Bin enabled, it is impossible to find out what objects were deleted. You can only find the deleted objects when it causes operational issues. This post will explain how you can ascertain the deleted objects ...
    • Close the request upon adding a note.

      Kindly follow the steps mentioned below: 1) Go to Admin >> Developer Space >> Custom Function >> Global Functions >> Copy & Paste the attached GF_Content.txt and save it with a name. Update the URL and technician key as per your instance. Refer to ...
    • Effective Procedures for Collecting the Glowroot Folder

      When zipping the glowroot folder while the application is running, there's a high risk of corruption, rendering it unusable. This may require requesting the customer to upload it again, potentially leading to multiple iterations. adhere to the ...
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    • Issues with 11.3.2406.9

      April 2024 Patching. Prior to updating to 11.3.2406.9 the initial batch of Cumulative updates for April were showing in the missing patches and are still showing correctly in the Missing Patches list. Since updating, ASPNet Core, .NET Runtime and 365
    • SDP 14.7 | WordorderID Change | Incorrect Error after changes

      Hello update seqgenstate set currentbatchend='2021000020004719' where seqname='WorkOrder.WORKORDERID'; Can you share me the updated SQL query to resolve this
    • How to recommend a template in SDP Cloud

      We recently upgraded from SDP on-prem to cloud. We used to rely quite heavily on the Recommend Template feature, but this appears to be missing in the cloud version... Example use case - user logs an incident ticket, but it should be a request. We select
    • What is the latest version of Endpoint Central? Feel like I have been on 11.2.2335.9 for months now?

      I am seeing much newer versions (11.3.24xx.x) referenced in a few threads on the board here - what is the story with some having it and others (like me) not? Appreciate an update on this. Cheers B
    • Self Scan Deployment

      Hi All, I am looking at deploying the Self Scan.exe to all devices in my company using an Intune App deployment with the script also deployed but this method does not seem to deploy correctly and populate our ME instance with the devices. I am just wondering