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          • Custom icons get resized to inconsistent size

            When creating/editing a service category, incident template, or some thing similar that can use an icon, the stock icon library provided by the application has 96x96 px png icons in it. However, if I choose to upload a custom icon (no matter the size
          • [Security advisory for CVE-2021-44526 and CVE-2021-44515] Authentication bypass vulnerabilities in ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central

            Hi there,   This security advisory addresses two authentication bypass vulnerabilities that affect ServiceDesk Plus versions up to 12002 [CVE-2021-44526] and ServiceDesk Plus customers who use the Desktop Central agent for asset discovery [CVE-2021-44515].

            Good Day, I am trying to get all requests based on specific criteria using list_info: URL: <server>/api/v3/requests HEADER : "TECHNICIAN_KEY: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"  input_data : {       "list_info" : {             "search_fields": {                   "subject":
          • [Security advisory for CVE-2021-44526 and CVE-2021-44515] Authentication bypass vulnerabilities in AssetExplorer and Desktop Central

            Hi there,   This security advisory addresses two authentication bypass vulnerabilities that affect AssetExplorer versions up to 6952 (CVE-2021-44526) and AssetExplorer customers who use the Desktop Central agent for asset discovery (CVE-2021-44515).  
          • Paid app

            I've read but I still can't add paid app to App Repository. Below are steps I followed Device Mgmt->App Repository->Apps->Add App->Play Store App Search "Barcode & QR code Keyboard PRO"
          • Has anyone tried to deploy the Dell Command Configure CCTK setup for BIOS configuration with Desktop Central?

            I've created and tested  the command configurations as there are a few settings i need to impliment on about 50-55 machines. The test went fine, but I am having issues figuring out how to create a deployment. It's an EXE and CCTK file that makes the changes
          • Beragam Manfaat Olahraga untuk Kesehatan Fisik dan Mental

            Kegiatan olahraga yang melelahkan bukan satu-satunya jenis olahraga yang bisa dilakukan. Meski hanya olahraga ringan, tubuh akan menikmati manfaatnya. Manfaat olahraga adalah dari latihan normal adalah yang dapat diperoleh tubuh seseorang ketika dia melakukan
          • An authentication bypass vulnerability identified and fixed in Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP

            Hello! This notification is in regard to an authentication bypass vulnerability that was recently identified in Desktop Central. This applies to Desktop Central MSP as well. Registered as CVE-2021-44515, this vulnerability has now been fixed and released
          • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus exploit detection tool

            I am seeing errors when I run the exploit detection tool as instructed here: The system cannot find the path specified. 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external
          • Symptoms of Abdominal Pain

            What are the symptoms of abdominal pain? There are several conditions that can cause abdominal pain. These include appendicitis, gallstones, ulcers, infections, pregnancy problems, heart attacks, and pneumonia. The symptoms can also be associated with
          • Asset management support Chromebox

            Hi, at the moment I'm using SDP to manage our devices. I try to add chromebox but unable to detect. can asset explorer support chromebox?
          • Report on Requests,Problems,Tasks per Technician

            I would like to create a report showing, for each technician, how many Open Requests, Problems & Tasks they have.  I have reports for all Open Requests, all Open Problems & all Open Tasks but they are separate reports.  What I want is to join this information
          • Servicedesk plus (non MSP version) importing from Salesforce?

            So currently my company uses salesforce to keep track of users and who their manager is for approvals. We are trying to move over to servicedesk plus but I can't seem to find out if there is a way to pull fields from salesforce into servicedesk. I know
          • This request does not fall under your permitte scope

            Good Morning,  I have one particular user that when he creates a ticket and tries to access it later to check it, he gets the following screen. There are numerous users with the same permissions, but none of them have this problem.    Can anyone tell
          • AD360 build 4300 released with new enhancements.

            Hello everybody! We have rolled out the latest build of AD360 - 4300. Update now to get the latest enhancements Enhancements: Updated Tomcat server: The Tomcat server which comes bundled with the product has been updated to version 8.5.57. Updated jQuery:
          • Unusual login detected pop up

            Hello, I just upgraded Service Desk to version 11203 from version 11139 and noticed a new feature. Please reference pop up below: How can I check the details of the unusual login detected? It keeps popping up quite a few times. Where can this be configured
          • End of Support for NTLM protocol

            Dear users, We would like to inform that we'll be permanently removing support for NTLM protocol which is considered as an outdated protocol in Supportcenter Plus. End of support means that we will not fix bugs related to NTLM, thus, we strongly recommend
          • End of Support for NTLM protocol

            Dear users, We would like to inform you that we'll be permanently removing support for the NTLM protocol which is considered an outdated protocol. End of support means that we will not fix bugs related to NTLM, thus, we strongly recommend our customers
          • What is Project Accounting?

            Project Accounting is essentially accounting on a project by project basis. It tracks the entire financial components of the project, for example - financial estimation, budgets, costs, billings, and everything involved in each project. Project accounting
          • CVE-2021-44515 question

            Hello, Can you please clarify if ME Secure Gateway Server is affected by this CVE? We're using Desktop Central 10.1.2127.18 and a Secure Gateway Server ver. 90092 ​ Is it possible to use any "Exploit Detection Tool" for Secure Gateway Server like mentioned
          • Order Codeine Online for Free Shipping by FedEx

            What are the effects of mixing Codeine with alcohol? Codeine is an opioid drug that is prescribed to treat a patient’s pain and patients who have a cough and diarrhea. Normally, the medication is prescribed to treat pain ranging from mild to severe. Since

            What Is Adderall? Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse
          • Response DueBy Time do not change when sending e-mail

            Hello,  Tried to google but didn't find anything useful.  What happens:  Requester e-mails the servicedesk, a ticket is created and the Response DueBy Time is set as it should.  The technician replies to the requester for more information and sets the
          • Run a report to find computers without a piece of software installed

            Hi Everyone Is it possible to run a report to find machines without a piece of software installed? Cheers
          • Querry for pending requests until a specific month

            Hello together, i need a querry to show the following records: All request types with request status = open until 31. August 2021 23:59 .  So this means that i need a way to look into the past how many ticket was still open until this date/time.
          • Agent Scan FAILURE After Server Restore

            Windows Server 2016 Microsoft SQL 2017 ServiceDesk 11.3 (Build 11309) DesktopCenttral Agent 10.2.2137.2.W Due to a failed update (Post #7401409) we had to uninstall, reinstall, and restore our ServiceDesk Server. We have had to complete this process a
          • Do you want to play Retro Bowl Unblocked with me?

            Retro Bowl Unblocked – A retro-style rugby game. Game’s main screen  retro bowl unblocked is an American football video game developed by New Star Games for iOS, Android and will be available on Nintendo Switch in early 2022. The game was released in
          • Web Server Root Directory for SDP

            Can someone tell me the root level directory in Windows for the web server/site in SDP ? I'm trying to set up automatic certificate downloading via Let's Encrypt / Certify the Web and one of the challenge methods it uses is to place a file at the root
          • How can I access the API using javascript?

            I want to access the ManageEngine Service Desk Plus API using javascript. Although I added the "Allow Access-Control-Allow-Origin" security response headers and restart the application server, I still got the CORS error. I attached all related file for
          • Not able to log in freshly installed servicedesk

            Hello  I have just downloaded servicedesk plus (downloaded today so I am guessing latest version. I installed this on a custom path of D:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk  It was installed onto a virtual machine which is running Windows server 2019 datacentre
          • [SD-98765] New version - broke notification edits?

            Hi On version 11308. If I go to 'Notification Rules' and then select anything under' email templates for' (Replying to  Request for example) I get a big red error and cannot edit the reply notification. Doesn't seem to work with any of the 'Email Templates
          • Prefix for Requests

            Hi Team, Is the ability to create a prefix for Requests still in the roadmap? As is quite common we would look at prefixes to differentiate between Incident and Service. Along with potentially custom prefixes to identify requests for different Servicedesk
          • Upgrade problem from 11307 to 12000

            While upgrading from 11307 to 12000 got folowing error:   Nov 28, 2021 6:45:36 PM  []  [SEVERE] : ERR:Exception while writing Entry is outside of the target dir: mickeylite_update.jar
          • Disable 2FA

            We need to disable 2 factor authentication. Our DC server is internal only, and the 2FA adds an unnecessary delay when we need to quickly assist a user. The last thing I need is to deal with help desk requests from the help desk themselves who can't log
          • [SDF-89711 ]Acknowledgement e-mail comes from wrong e-mail address

            We are running SDP 11200 and have multiple support groups configured. Example: Support Group 1 e-mail is Support Group 2 e-mail is Support Group 3 e-mail is On the back end, all of these e-mails
          • [SDF-52894]Allow servicedesk plus on premise self service portal requestors to see all conversations

            Is it possible to show all conversations to requestors on the self service portal? right now they only see system conversations.  no emails. Thank you in advance.
          • [Security advisory for CVE-2021-44077] Unauthenticated RCE vulnerability in ServiceDesk Plus MSP versions 10527 till 10529

            Hi there,   This security advisory addresses an unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability affecting ServiceDesk Plus MSP versions 10527 till 10529.   This vulnerability was addressed on September 16, 2021 in versions 10530 and above, and an
          • ADSelfService Plus' latest build 6118 released with a minor issue fix

            Hello everyone, ADSelfService Plus' new build, 6118, fixes the following issue. Issue Fix : An issue in renewing the SAML certificate when ADSelfService Plus is the identity provider has now been fixed. How to update? You can update to the latest build
          • Option to choose OU and Group while configuring the Policy

            Currently, while configuring the Policies we are able to see two options: OU and Group. By the current design, we have an "OR" between these two objetcs, so when we select one Group and one OU, the ADSS will get all the users inside the OU and all the
          • Report of Time Spent for tasks

            We would like to know if is possible to have a report of timespend on tasks.   We need the following fields:   Task ID Timespend Technician   Our DB is MSSQL and build is 10530.