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          • Animated videos: who needs them and how they help in business

            Everyone needs animation videos - both brands and consumers, experts of the creative agency Explain Ninja Studio are sure of this. The only question is in what format and for what purpose they are created.

            Good Day, I am trying to get all requests based on specific criteria using list_info: URL: <server>/api/v3/requests HEADER : "TECHNICIAN_KEY: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"  input_data : {       "list_info" : {             "search_fields": {                   "subject":
          • Customize ID autonumeric field

            Hi, Always starts to 1, but maybe could be customized by year, month, letters and at the end ### which means 3 characters to create the autonumeric value, in this case from 001 to 999. Thanks in advance
          • Problem with scripts used in Auto Close Custom Script

            I am working on implementing a Custom Schedule based on the following article:  How to automatically close requests that are in a specific status. ( I ran into several issues when using the script. I'm currently running
          • Vm snapshots before patching

            We are currently evaluating ManageEngine as a possible replacement to some existing Powershell scripts which keep our virtual server estate patched. One "red line" requirement is the ability to take a snapshot of the target server before any patches are
          • History for FFR Activity

            Is it possible to ad a History tab to the FFR for templates?  It is helpful to see changes made (when and by who).  This would be a troubleshooting avenue when several changes are made and now a FFR isn't executing as expected.   Changes can be from within
          • Business rules update

            Hey! When you try to change an already created business rule "Execute on actions - Edited", an error always appears. I just try to rename it and that's it.
          • The invitation from the Outlook calendar is displayed incorrectly

            Hi We receive applications in the format of an invitation from the Outlook calendar. the request is registered, but displayed in an odd form. How to make the text correct? I am attaching an example of one of the applications
          • An authentication bypass vulnerability identified and fixed in Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP

            Hello! This notification is in regard to an authentication bypass vulnerability that was recently identified in Desktop Central. This applies to Desktop Central MSP as well. Registered as CVE-2021-44515, this vulnerability has now been fixed and released
          • Error on ServiceDesk Plus and ADManager Plus integration

            Hello everyone,  I'm trying to integrate ADMP with SDP, I configured servers details on both sides, and I can see ADM on the SDP tasks bar But the error appears when I try to do an action with this, and always says: The domain is not configured Someone
          • How to set the Due Date By field or custom Due Date Field from Email Command

            I have followed the example from the help file without any luck  @@Due Date=22 Nov 2021, 10:30:00@@    ---****Custom field*** @@DUEBYDATE=22 Nov 2021, 10:30:00@@ Nothing is working any help?
          • EML to PST Converter Software

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          • Importing equipment into CMDB

            Hey! Please tell me where you can read about how to set up automatic unloading of equipment from an existing corporate system in the CMDB SD? Interested in how to put what, for example, once a day, the system took a pre-unloaded file (CSV) from the path
          • Academic Writing Help Services Online

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          • Global Exclude

            Hi, Is it possible to do a global exclude of an account using a wildcard?  For example all our devices have a local account named sophosxxxxxxxxxx which I'd like to exclude from reports, dashboards etc.  I know I can create dynamic groups that filter
          • Audit or worklog of technician

            Hello, almost any action are stored in history's e.g. history of incidents, changes, problems, tasks or whatever. Now is there a way to get a work-log (or may called audit log) of an technician to see the sequence of all changes/modification done by a
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          • SLA settings

            Good afternoon. Tell me how to configure the system so that the SLA time counter automatically stops if the last response was from the agent and resumes if a response is received?
          • How do you figure out which patch is associated to a CVE

            Can the CVE be added as a seperate column? I may need to ask for it to be added? My CISO sends me a list of CVE's from NIST each week, and I have to try to piece together what patches/updates we either have already installed or download to apply. Example
          • How to resolve academic writing task of college?

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          • Customize mail notification to new user

            Hello, I can't understand how to change the template that is sent via email to a new user after the user has been created. Thanks for the support.
          • Printer installed Report

            I have pushed a new printer through GPO and I am wanting to run a report to see which machines do not have it installed. Is this possible?
          • Scheduled Reports removing Server names (Patch Mgmt Desktop Central)

            Hello ! I`m running a scheduled report in DC to email two people System Health Reports as CSV each monday. The reports are all emailed OK but the server names are removed and replaced with asterisks. I have ticked the "User Consent" section to allow names
          • New Release: ADManager Plus' latest build 7120 unveiled. Update Now!

            Hi, We are excited to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7120. Download this build right away, from here. To update your instance, download the service pack. Mentioned below are the highlights of this release. Enhancements:
          • Single sign-on to ADManager Plus using SAML authentication

            Single sign-on to ADManager Plus using SAML authentication: You can set up single sign-on to access ADManager Plus through any of the popular identity providers listed below: Okta OneLogin Ping Identity   Besides these, you can also configure a custom SAML-based identity management solution.   To update, download the service pack from here. Visit this page for the complete list of features and enhancements.   Please let us know if you need any information or assistance. ​ Thanks & Regards ADManager
          • New Release: ADManager Plus 7050 (January 2020)

            We are happy to let you know that the latest version of ADManager Plus, build 7050, has been unveiled. Mentioned below are the details. Update to the latest build right away! New Features: Option to modify the computer objects using templates. Integration with HR applications Ultipro and BambooHR to automatically: Create user accounts in AD, Office 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and G Suite whenever a new employee record is added in the HR application. Modify users' AD accounts whenever their
          • How much should I expect to spend on java homework help assistance?

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          • Asset management support Chromebox

            Hi, at the moment I'm using SDP to manage our devices. I try to add chromebox but unable to detect. can asset explorer support chromebox?
          • Tickle for response

            I would like to do the following either through Business Rules, SLA, or script.  If the technician sends a response to a user, say asking for additional information.  and they do not respond in say 3 business days, I would like the system to send a reminder,
          • Mass delete of requesters

            Hi, Is there a way to prune a multi year old sd+ database of defunct requesters either by selecting their email domain and/or the last time they submitted a case, e.g. no new cases in five years = delete the requester, and/or email domain = ""
          • How is an essay different from an essay?

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          • Upcoming 10.6 version release - Behavior changes and EOL Updates

            Dear Users Greetings for the day. We (ServiceDesk Plus MSP) are planning to release the 10.6 version (by Jan 22). We implemented a lot of features available between the SDP's 11.0 - 11.3 version in this MSP 10.6 release. Along with this release, as mentioned
          • Exchange Online "legacy protocols"

            I have received an announcement from Microsoft advising Exchange Online (Office 365) legacy protocols are to be retired Oct 13th 2020. Can you advise when/if SD Cloud will have OAuth 2.0 in order to continue to be able to pick up emails from Office365 email accounts. Thanks, text below for info. Basic Authentication Retirement for legacy protocols in Exchange Online MC191153Beginning October 13, 2020, we will retire Basic Authentication for EWS, EAS, IMAP, POP and RPS to access Exchange Online. Note:
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          • Shutdown Notice

            When I try to open Desktop Central, I'm getting Shutdown Notice and that server is compromised.  Is there another solution this other rebuilding the server?
          • How to add one Asset to multiple users?

            Hi everyone, Is there any way to add multiple users for one asset?  Thanks in advance,
          • [SD-98765] New version - broke notification edits?

            Hi On version 11308. If I go to 'Notification Rules' and then select anything under' email templates for' (Replying to  Request for example) I get a big red error and cannot edit the reply notification. Doesn't seem to work with any of the 'Email Templates