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    • Mails with inline images with base64encoding in img src attribute is not fetched

      Issue: When the mails with inline images which is encoded with base64 encoding in img src is not fetched into the application. <img ...
    • Minimum Character check for a resolution

      Requirement: Resolution content is mandatory when a request is being resolved. But frequently, when closing a request, technicians write incorrect or meaningless text in the resolution content. So, we will need to evaluate resolution content's ...
    • Query to get the Login Hours of Technicians (Postgres)

      1) To generate the total login hours per technician tested in Builds 14201 (Postgres): select ai as "Account ID", tn as "Technician Name ( First Name )", lh as "Login hours", LONGTODATE(llt) as "Last Login Time", ln as "Login Name", domain as ...
    • Workaround for #8808907: Skip schedule on Delete flag exception

      Fix: This fix should be given only for 8808907 customer and for 14204 build. The fix is to skip the current mail fetching schedule on occurrence of any delete flag exception. This fix is compatible with only 14204 build. Steps to apply the fix: 1. ...
    • How to upgrade End User Monitoring Agent?

      Currently, we don't have an update manager for the EUM Agent. Therefore, you need to uninstall the old agent and install the new EUM Agent. Steps to upgrade EUM Agent: Take a backup of <EUMAgent_Home>/conf/ folder and place it outside of the ...
    • Most Discussed Topics

    • Modern Auth Office 365 Email Issues - 2nd June 2023

      Today we had our SDP+ instance stop processing emails. As part of troubleshooting we removed and tried to re-add the OAUTH2 configuration but received error related to authentication and password being incorrect. The password is correct and has been
    • Updated test environment to 14202, now getting "Internal Error" on every page

      As the title states, I updated our test environment to 14202 yesterday. Everything seemed fine yesterday. Now today when I sign in, I get an "Internal error" popup on any page I visit. What looks like the relevant bit from the logs is: [08:17:03:590]|[05-10-2023]|[com.manageengine.sdpod.v3api.JSONDOConverter]|[SEVERE]|[123]:
    • Report Request - request replied to

      Hi I have a report request from our CEO. "The intent of the Recruitment Email Follow up report is to capture Team members sending a follow up email on a created request. " "Is there any way for the report to only show requests that have an email sent
    • Work Log: Owner field empty/no selection available

      One of our new support groups is experiencing an issue when they try to create a new Work Log. After clicking "Add New" on the Work Logs tab, the New Work Log window opens and the Owner field is empty. The drop-drop down menu for the Owner field is also
    • Report on computers that don't have a specific service installed

      Hi Guys, I am looking to find computers that don't have a specific service installed. I ca generate one for computers that do have it. John.