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          • [Tips & Tricks] What's New with the ServiceDesk Plus V5.6 iOS Mobile App.

            Introduction: The ServiceDesk Plus iOS App is intended to help you interact with the ServiceDesk Plus application more quickly and efficiently. By using the app you can extend support to your customers anytime, anywhere. You can perform almost every activity

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          • Business Rule with Status set to Closed not working

            I have a couple ticket types that come through that can be automatically closed when we get them.  I have business rules set up for these, but the status is not going to Closed. The business rule is working however, as it sets the category, subcategory, item, group, and technician correctly.  But the status change is the first action in the business rule (and closure rules won't let the ticket be closed without the other stuff filled in).  I have deleted the status change action and re-added it after
          • Metered connections and VPN

            Hello, I have two questions for which I can't find a solution. - Does the server know if an agent is connected via "metered connection"? therefore can I decide whether or not to install the patches when the client is in that condition? - Sometimes remote
          • Add worklog to reply

            Hello,  In all the previous service-desk applications I have used, I had the option to add work time to a reply/update of a ticket on the same screen as that I used to update the ticket. Could this be added to the SDP application? When I give a reply to a request that means that I have spend time to read it and to give a reply. So I invested time that could be billed.  When I enter a note to the ticket that means I have spend time to create the note and to put information in the note. So I invested
          • ADSSP cannot identify if user account is moved from one OU to another

            ADSSP provides a good feature of Restricting user accounts that are in specific OUs. The schedule scan works fine. But there are situations, an account that was placed in the Restricted OU is moved to another OU which isn't set as restricted in ADSSP. 
          • ADSSP sends Email notification even to excluded OU & its sub-OUs

            Hi ADSelfService Plus Team, Enrollment Notification email is setup & configured to be sent to specific OUs in every domain. The OU and sub-OUs which should not be receiving the Enrollment notifications have been excluded in the ADSSP Portal. However,
          • No language selection option in Change Password & Enrollment process web-page

            Hi ManageEngine In the ADSSP web-portal, there is no language option offered for a user to select from during the Change Password & Enrollment page. This is has been noticed and reported earlier through some Support case with ManageEngine technicians.
          • Microsoft Remote Desktop for MAC

            Hi ALL! I need install Microsoft Remote Desktop for all my MAC this app is unavailable in Templates for MAC - how i can do it ??
          • [SD-95450] Hide Security Risk banner

            Hello, How can I hide the security risk banner in 11205? I don't necessarily want to use the recommended settings. Warning : Potential Security Risk detected. Know more
          • Google Chrome fixes one zero-day CVE-2021-30554 along with other vulnerabilities in its stable channel 91.0.4472.114 update

            Hello everyone,  Chrome stable channel has been updated to 91.0.4472.114 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This update comes with fixes for 4 security vulnerabilities with one of them being an actively exploited zero-day vulnerability tracked as CVE-2021-30554.
          • [Term of the Day]: Ubiquitous Network

            Term of the Day   "Ubiquitous Network"   What is a Ubiquitous Network? Ubiquitous network, also known as pervasive network or ambient work, is a term associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) where computing is made to appear everywhere and anywhere. 
          • How to connect Active Directory by Kerberos protocol

            Hi, In my org for security reason, block NTLM protocol for connect SDP to Active Directory. Now I want to know if there is a way to support Kerberos protocol to connect SDP to AD as secure? What should I do? SDP v11.2.05 DB: MS SQL Thanks for helping
          • Requester portal

            Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to only show certain notifications on the requester portal depending on which client it is? An example of this would be: Client A see's a notification that there support hours are running low Client B oes not see
          • Using of Approval status

            Hi, everyone. İ would like to know, how can I create business rules according approval status. For example, İf approval status is "reject", make request status as  "İmtina olundu" and send close/re-open mail to requester.  
          • Adding a word document to request template

            Hi there, I've been tasked with creating a request template and adding a word document that the requester will have to fill out in order to log the request. I can't see any way to add a document to the request from the admin/service catalogue. Am I missing something or is there a way I can do this? Thanks.
          • Admin Approval

            Hi, I am trying to activate Azure integrations but when I try logging in i get this error message : Does this mean I need to be an admin of Zoho or the support desk? And what if the admin can't remember their password? Thanks, jareth
          • Bug - I don't see Timesheet details

            Hi, I have problem to see Timesheet details. When I click on specific Timesheet, I don't see details like attach image. I'm wondering that other technicians do not have this problem and only I have this problem. I'm reporting to user for other technicians.
          • [ForYourInformation -55] Benefits of Modern authentication (OAuth) over Basic (Legacy) auth

            Let's see the key difference between the basic (legacy) auth and modern auth with a metaphor: Imagine the following scenario: You fly abroad, leave the plane and head for the border control. And now let’s pretend that the process works a bit differently
          • Technician Log In Report

            Could you please assist with building this report: My supervisor would like a report that displays each technician log on and log off from service desk plus so that it basically looks like a time card.  Should look something like this image below: Ideally
          • Why do the import image paths differ in different environments?

            The customer reported that the insert images in solution can't display properly and I made a comparison in my own environment. Customer's image link is like SDP_HOME/inline/WorkOrder/... while mine is like SDP_HOME/inlineimages/WorkOrder/... So what's
          • Generate new timesheet daily

            Hi, I'd like Timesheet feature and I think it's useful for our organization. In my scenario, we should generate new Timesheet daily for all technicians. I think it's very cheap. It would have been better if this had been generated automatically. Some
          • kup fałszywe i prawdziwe paszportowe dowody osobiste prawo jazdy

            kup fałszywe i prawdziwe paszportowe dowody osobiste prawo jazdy   Kup IELTS, IDP TOEFL, GMAT, ESOL, DEGREE, DIPLOMAT   Kup zarejestrowane paszporty, prawo jazdy, IELTS i TOEFL, certyfikaty ESOL bez konieczności uczestniczenia
          • Field and Form Rules NOT Working when using Sites

            Hello - I have a Field and Form Rule that Hides Category values based on the Site a requestor is associated to.  However, it's not working. Based on this rule, if they are apart of any of these Sites, they SHOULD see the applicable values but they don't.
          • Changes Widget for Technician's Homepage

            I would like to create a custom widget for the Technician's homepage for Changes.  I tried to use a link from the Changes tab with the Open changes visible, but it did not give the expected results.  Even something like the Mini Calendar from the Change
          • Free ADAudit Plus online training series | Register now

            Hello, Due to the tremendous response we received from attendees of our previous workshops, we’re kick-starting yet another workshop series. Register now to find out how to get the most out of ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, our IT security and compliance
          • IT security masterclass for admins and security professionals

            Hi, From credential theft to network vulnerability exploitation and ransomware incidents on highly secure organizations, the year 2020 was not easy. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself this year too.   Much like pawns in the game of chess, who
          • basic how to on widget creation

            Hello! We are getting off the ground with our system, and we're looking at how to build widgets for our dashboards to help our monitoring of tickets. The majority of widget building topics seem to involve the self-service portal, which we do not use (we
          • Can SDP invoke to call external aplication API

            Hi I have a requirement to integrate SDP to other application in my company. The Scenario is when support person closed the ticket in SDP, then SDP need to send ticket information immediately (ticket number and closed time) to external Application. Which
          • DNS SMTP Traffic how to allow in SEP Manager

            Dear Team, Kindly share how can we check DNS and SMTP Traffic Manage Engine Network Monitoring Tool. Please provide the steps. If it is not there please suggest how can we add this Traffic in Manage Engine Network Monitoring Tool Best regards, A.Yazar
          • Field and Form Rules - Works for some users; not for others

            Just a general question whether anyone has seen sporadic users completing Service Catalog work orders (like a New Hire) and field/form rules don't work for them, but another user has no issues using the same template. For example - New Hire - during the
          • Integration with InTune (Endpoint Manager)

            As more clients are moving toward InTune and co-managed environments with SCCM it would be great to integrate the Asset Discover and management with this product.
          • Disposed Assets missing with filter 'All Assets'

            In Assets, a disposed Asset doesn't show when the filter option "All Assets" is set. It has to be set to show only "Disposed Assets" for the Asset to show at all. This seems to be a new thing (with the new Filtering-system layout) since I've had no problems
          • Assigning Users to Tasks

            We created a custom Change Control process using the Request to Change template in ServiceDesk Plus.  After initial approval of the Request and assiging a Change, we move it to a Task Creation status under Implementation.  The Requestor is responsible
          • Configuring ServiceDesk Cloud SAML2 to work with Google SAML2

            I'm attempting to connect ServiceDesk Cloud SAML2 to Google's SAML2, but the fields just don't seem to line up as I'd expect. Does ManageEngine have a tutorial or guide to walk me through this process? Other platforms have amazing documentation detailing
          • User Specific folder installation into appdata as a self service package?

            Hi, I'm relatively new to ManageEngine, and have created just a few basic configs for deployment, either as packages or as silent installers via the Self Service Portal What I have this time though that I'm trying to achieve and get my head around how
          • Prevent service request from being closed if it has a pending approval

            We are using SDP  11205. We have created some service request templates which have a single stage approval set up in the workflow. However, we have found the request can be closed without the approval being approved (regardless if approval status it "to
          • Add attachment to an template?

            I was wondering if anyone know if you can add an attachment to a template? We want to add a document that people need to fill out for certain requests and figure it would be easier if they could download it directly from the new request (template) instead of sending them to a link.
          • SECURITY EXCEPTION in scheduler

            After update from 11141 to 11204 the schedulers task does not work. Befor update it worked good In the  server log I see: -------------------------------- [skip] [09:19:32:529]|[06-07-2021]|[com.manageengine.mdh.MDHFilter]|[INFO]|[58]: PORTALID : 1| [09:19:32:529]|[06-07-2021]|[com.manageengine.mdh.MDHUsers]|[SEVERE]|[58]:
          • Emoticons/Emojis for Survey answers

            Hi, How can I configure a survey using emoticons/emojis as answers for questions? ☹,