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    • Mail Fetching: China Graph Could

      Issue: Some properties are missing in the China Graph API, causing issues with mail fetching. Error Trace: Error code: BadRequest Error message: Parsing OData Select and Expand failed: Could not find a ...
    • Bulk Closure of Overdue Changes

      Requirement: Bulk close changes with different workflows and roles, filtered based on modifiable criteria as needed. Steps to configure: Login to SDP Application > Navigate to reports Create a query report, listing the "ChangeID", "ChangeManager", ...
    • High CPU Utilization during Backup

      Cause: From 14740, below listed parameters will no longer be included in the command. As a result, when performing backups, 7-Zip utilizes a high number of CPU threads, leading to increased CPU usage. mmt - Sets number of CPU threads mmemuse - Sets a ...
    • [KB validation] How to apply license in ADManager Plus

      Perform the following steps to apply license in ADManager Plus Log in to ADManager Plus. Click License located in the top-right corner. A pop up will then display your license details. In the Enter Lincese File field, click Browse and locate your ...
    • Query to fetch additional fields configured in request templates

      Postgres: SELECT ca.aliasname AS "UDF field Name", ca.columnname AS "UDF Column Name", ca.field_type AS "UDF Field Type", AS "Service Category", rtl.templatename AS "Template Name" FROM columnaliases ca LEFT JOIN form_customizer fc ON ...
    • Announcements

    • RecoveryManager Plus rolls out build 6203

      We are glad to release the latest version of RecoveryManager Plus, build 6203. Enhancements: The PostgreSQL database bundled with the product has been upgraded to version 15.4. Issue Fix: The issue that caused incremental backups to fail when a Zoho WorkDrive
    • Endpoint Central Workshop - India 2024

      Namaste India! Ready to unlock the true potential of ManageEngine Endpoint Central and go beyond basic endpoint management? Our upcoming workshop is designed to do just that! Immerse yourself in cutting-edge strategies, interactive sessions, and expert
    • End of Life Announcement for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online

      Dear users, We would like to bring to your attention that Microsoft will retire their Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online and Office 365 starting from October 1, 2026.
    • ManageEngine Supportcenter Plus - version 14.7 - Build - 14730 is available

      Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. We released Supportcenter Plus - version 14.7 - Build - 14730. Enhancements SCP-6738 : Send job sheets to users via email automatically using business rules, custom triggers, RLC, and timer actions. SCP-6888 : Customize
    • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 14.7 - Build - 14730 Released

      Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. We released ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 14.7 - Build - 14730 Released. Enhancements : SDPMSP-12900, SDPMSP-15080, SDPMSP-15668: Send job sheets to users via email automatically using business rules, custom triggers,
    • Most Discussed Topics

    • Servicedesk Plus Standard 404 error

      Dear, After OS update Servicedesk gives me this error I have restored licence file from backup but on every service start it gives the same error. As You can see the license is renewed i February.
    • New vendor for Netflow

      Dear team, I tried to monitor Eltex(vendor name) router on NetFlow. But looks like there is issue with monitoring bcs NetFlow doesn't know how to work with devices from this vendor. Issues: I cannot open device summary, NetFlow cannot collect data about
    • Push Notification

      Hello, i upgrade my opmanager to build 12.8.248 and now push notification on my android sometime work sometime not. I install mobile application on my two android phone and have same issue.
    • Regarding OPM using SNMPV3 to monitor anomalies in Cisco switches

      Hello,OPM ver:12.6.121 i use smnpV3 to monitor Cisco sw C9200L-24P-4G。The voucher is displayed normally, but the model cannot be displayed properly. Using V1 is normal.
    • Sync Announcements in SDP to some Chanel in MS Teams

      Hi ALL. We need sync some type of Announcements (from IT) in SDP to similar Chanel in MS Teams - How to ??