Unable to access ServiceDesk Plus in the latest version of Edge and Chrome version (Version 94 - Released)

Unable to access ServiceDesk Plus in the latest version of Edge and Chrome version (Version 94 - Released)

Root cause : Chrome has defined Scheduler as a variable and unfortunately the same is used in ServiceDesk Plus in resource management section and Chrome API's 'scheduler' variable is overriding our application's variable (Used in resource management) which is causing an issue.

Criticality : If you are upgrading Chrome to version 94, there will be a breakage and page will be blank. This issue would happen irrespective of ServiceDesk Plus build and version.

Step 1 : Download the attached zip file and extract the contents to get a file named nonCompatibleBrowsers.js.
Step 2: Move this file to Drive:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/webapps/ROOT/scripts and replace the file in the destination. 
Step 3: Clear the browser cache and refresh the page.

Note: The fix does not require a server/service restart. Clearing the browser cache should be sufficient.

Please note that the permanent  fix for this issue has been released as a part of 11307. So you can upgrade the application to 11307 which should also fix the issue.

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