[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - April 2021

[Community Digest] ServiceDesk Plus - April 2021

Here is the monthly rewind for April 2021!

Version and Build releases:
  • 11143 (Released on 1st April 2021).
  • 11200 (Released on 7th April 2021) check this link for more details.
  • 11144 & 11201 (Released on 9th April 2021).

  • 11202 (Released on 13th April 2021).

Product Highlights:

Here is the list of behavior changes, framework upgrades, and a few vital feature features released with 11200 builds.

Behavior changes:

  • SD-56663: If the change request is canceled, tasks in In Progress state will be automatically moved to the Canceled state.
  • SD-92908: Approval/Approval Level addition will be restricted in change details page if a change workflow is associated with the change request.
  • SD-93506: Image checkboxes are changed into normal input checkboxes for uniformity.
  • SD-90562: Logout from SAML button will no longer be displayed by default while logging out from ServiceDesk Plus unless the Single Logout URL field is configured in the SAML settings.
  • SD-71913: From this version, the extra parameters are not supported in V3 API operations (URLs starting with/api/v3). Sample extra parameters include: format, OPERATION_NAME

Framework Upgrade Information:

  • Mickeylite upgraded to version 4180.
  • Tomcat upgraded to version 9.037.

New features :


From now on, our Virtual Meetups will include a quiz as an additional activity. After each meetup, we will be sharing the recording of the session and a questionnaire. You can check out the recording and take the quiz to brush up on the topics covered.

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Community Virtual Meetup:

Our recent Virtual Meetup was held on the 15th of April, 2021. If you would like to receive the recorded video of this meetup session, please drop an email to sdpcommunity@manageengine.com.

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