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            Migration failure after 9414- ChangeConfigurations table

            Error Trace:
            [SYSERR] [INFO] : org.xml.sax.SAXException: Already a row with the same set of primary keys found in this object, this row <ChangeConfigurations CONFIG_ID="1" CATEGORY="GlobaEditOnAllStages" PARAMETER="IsCOAllowed" PARAMVALUE="false" DESCRIPTION="Indicates whether or not to allow the Change Owner to globally Edit a Change Request in all the stages of the change." /> already exists in this dataobject <WritableDataObject>

            Please follow the given steps and try to upgrade again:

            1)Run the following update queries:
            1.   update uvhvalues set genvalues=2 where pattern like '%ChangeConfigurations:CONFIG_ID:2%';
            2.   update changeconfigurations set config_id=2 where category='GlobaEditOnAllStages'; 

            2)Run the insert query:
            insert into changeconfigurations values(1,'StatusUpdateNotification','IsViewable','false',' Change stage and status update message along with notification sent status ');

            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 04:39 AM
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