Migration failure for Postgres Database with a blank space in it

Migration failure for Postgres Database with a blank space in it

Trace : 
  1. \ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\Patch\AdventNet_ManageEngine_ServiceDesk_Plus-14.2.0-SP-1.0.0\SERVICEDESK\PreInstall\pg_migrate\pgsql_old\bin\pg_dumpall.exe", -U, postgres, -p, 65433, -h,, -r, -w, |, "D:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\pgsql\bin\psql.exe", -U, postgres, -p, 65432, -h,, -w, servicedesk new] 
  2. Jul 11, 2023 2:16:28 AM  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [INFO] : psql: warning: extra command-line argument "new" ignored
  3. Jul 11, 2023 2:16:28 AM  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [WARNING] : Error :::: psql: FATAL:  database "servicedesk" does not exist

Cause : 
      In the Build version 14300(SDP) and 7000 (AE), PostgreSQL is upgraded to 11.17 from 10.21. During this upgrade, data migration will be taken place. In the process of migrating the data, above command will be executed. since the <database name> has a blank space in between, breaks into two arguments when we execute this in the command prompt. 

Workaround : Rename the database to a name without space.
  1. Shut Down the Application service.
  2. Navigate to <Application_home_directory>\bin directory and execute "startDB.bat or startDB.sh"
  1. Navigate to <Application_home_directory>\pgsql\bin directory and connect as "postgres" user with the below command (Refer this KB) without entering the database name.
For Windows,
  1. psql.exe -U <username> -p <port> -h <server address>
For Linux.
  1. ./psql -U <username> -p <port> -h <server address>
  1. Execute the below command to rename the database,
Do not connect the database that you are going to rename 
  1. ALTER DATABASE "<current database name>" RENAME TO "<database_name_without_space>";
  1. Update the modified name into the application, by executing "changeDBServer.bat or changeDBServer.sh"
  2. Stop the Database server by executing "stopDB.sh or stopDB.bat"
After these steps, invoke the upgrade.

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