Upgrade failure when migrating privileges for removed functions

Upgrade failure when migrating privileges for removed functions

LOG Trace :

  1. 03.08.2023 12:50:35  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [WARNUNG] : Error :::: psql:E:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/_pgupgrade/PRE_DATA.sql:15493: ERROR:  function pg_catalog.range_gist_compress(internal) does not exist
  2. 03.08.2023 12:50:35  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [INFORMATION] : GRANT
  3. 03.08.2023 12:50:35  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [WARNUNG] : Error :::: psql:E:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/_pgupgrade/PRE_DATA.sql:15507: ERROR:  function pg_catalog.range_gist_decompress(internal) does not exist
  4. 03.08.2023 12:50:35  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [WARNUNG] : Error :::: psql:E:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk/_pgupgrade/PRE_DATA.sql:15514: ERROR:  function pg_catalog.range_gist_fetch(internal) does not exist
  5. .
  6. .
  7. 03.08.2023 12:50:36  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [INFORMATION] : Cleaning up temp file E:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\.\temp_42f5c07c-58da-44f0-bcc6-8b68c53ddc72.bat
  8. 03.08.2023 12:50:36  [com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration]  [SCHWERWIEGEND] : Problem during upgrade.com.zoho.postgres.exception.MigrationFailureException: Restoration failed for PRE_DATA
  9. at com.zoho.postgres.migrate.DumpMigration$DefaultMigrationHandler.migrateSection(DumpMigration.java:817

Cause :

  1. This issue may occur when migrating to 14300 or 7000.
  2. Because, in this version postgres is upgraded from 10.21 to 11.17. Due to this database schema, functions and all other data are migrated from postgres 10.21 to 11.17. For every postgres major version, there may be some functions added or removed. When migrating the schema changes & functions, privileges for each function will be provided in the latest version such that, privileges given to the same function in the older version. 
  3. If there is any alteration in privileges for any of the postgres functions, that was removed in latest version, then action of providing privileges will be failure. This is what happending above.
Workaround :
  1. We can remove the privilege changes for the removed functions in the older build to resolve this issue.
How to? 
  1. Connect as postgres user to the database and execute the below query.
  2. After that, perform the upgrade.
update pg_catalog.pg_proc set proacl= null where proname ilike any (array ['gist_box_compress','gist_box_decompress','gist_box_fetch','gtsquery_decompress','inet_gist_decompress','range_gist_compress','range_gist_decompress','range_gist_fetch']);

If the upgrade fails again, Contact the support team with latest logs.

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