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            Unable to start the product immediately after installation (Problem while Starting Server-- System halted --)


            PortValue is : 9996
             Check for NetFlow Port with value :9996
            PortCheckerUtil.checkPorts :9996
            Starting Server from location: /opt/ManageEngine/NetFlow
            This evaluation copy is valid for 29 days
            Trying to start PostgresSQL server failed

            Problem while Starting Server
            System halted

            If you see the above error immediately after installation, Please follow the below steps and check :

            1. Stop NetFlow Analyzer service.

            2. Navigate <NetFlow\pgsql\>, delete the folder "data"

            4. Navigate to NetFlow_Home/bin and execute for Linux \ initPgsql.bat for Windows

            5. Once it is completed start the service and wait for 10 minutes then connect the UI and check the issue.

            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 03:54 PM
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