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            OpUtils - DNS Not resolved across the ipam/spm

            Please follow the below steps and check the reported issue.

            Solution 1:

                1. Add your DNS server(s) from Settings > OpUtils > IPAM > General    (omit if it is already added)
                2. Select the "Resolve DNS" Settings > OpUtils > SPM > General          (omit if it is already added)
                3. Scan all devices in SPM, Mac-to-IP Mapping, Subnets.

            Solution 2:

                  If DNS Name not resolved after the above settings then check the issue with nslookup from the oputils installed machine.

                  If DNS Name not resolved through nslookup then please add the DNS Entries in DNS Server and then try again.

                  If DNS Name resolved through nslookup and not in OpUtils, then clear the dns server entry from ipam settings and add --system-dns in dns server entry and save, scan the subnets and check the issue

            If issue not resolved:

            If Solution 1& 2 not resolves the issue, then please get the below files to troubleshoot the issue

                1. Screenshot of nslookup which resolves the DNS Name, The Oputils Page which does not shows DNS Name  

                Go to <OpUtils_Installation directory>/OpUtils/Nmap/ Directory through console
                 Run the following commands

                      1. nmap -sn -PE -v  -R <IP_Address> -oX NmapOutput1.xml -oN NmapOutput1.txt
                         eg:- nmap -sn -PE -v -R -oX NmapOutput1.xml -oN NmapOutput1.txt
                      2. nmap -sn -PE -v -d3 -R <IP_Address> -oX NmapOutput2.xml -oN NmapOutput2.txt
                         eg:- nmap -sn -PE -v -d3 -R -oX NmapOutput1.xml -oN NmapOutput1.txt
                      3. nmap -sn -PE -v  -R <IP_Address>  --dns-servers <as comma separated without space> -oX NmapOutput3.xml -oN NmapOutput3.txt
                 eg:- nmap -sn -PE -v -R --dns-servers, -oX NmapOutput3.xml -oN NmapOutput3.txt
                          nmap -sn -PE -v -R --dns-servers -oX NmapOutput3.xml -oN NmapOutput3.txt
              4. nmap -sn -PE -v -d3 -R --system-dns <IP_Address> -oX NmapOutput4.xml -oN NmapOutput4.txt
                 eg:- nmap -sn -PE -v --system-dns -d3 -R -oX NmapOutput4.xml -oN NmapOutput4.txt

                Upload us the output files. 

            Updated: 08 May 2017 10:59 PM
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