(Windows) IP Address shows incorrect status in IPAM. How to fix this?

(Windows) IP Address shows incorrect status in IPAM. How to fix this?

Ask him to follow the steps below and get output for the IP Address is up, but OpUtils noted as Down.

Step 1:

  PS: Skip this step if already performed or non-windows OS
  1.  Go to Settings -> OpUtils -> IP Address Manager
  2.   There will be a Note option available under General. In that option there will be link available for Scan settings.
                           (i.e).  Check Attachment (IPAM_Scan_Settings.png)
  3.   Upon clicking the link Configure Scan options will get opened. Enable the "Disable Arp Ping" option and save the settings. 
  4.   Now scan the subnet and check the issue. If issue persists then follow the step 2 and upload us the output files to check this issue further.
Step 2:

  1. Copy the attached txt file to OpManager_Installation_Dir/bin directory.
  2. Rename the file to IPAMWalk.bat
  3. Open a command prompt and change directory to OpManager_Installation_Dir/bin
  4. Execute the following command:
  5. IPAMWalk.bat <IP Address Which is showing incorrect status>
      (For Eg:- IPAMWalk.bat or IPAMWalk.bat
  6. If One more host give wrong results in IPAM then execute one by one 
      (For Eg:- 1. Execute IPAMWalk.bat 192.168.23.
                      2. Wait for execution get finished.
                      3. Then Execute IPAMWalk.bat
  7. After successful execution, send us all IPAMWalkDetails.txt and IPAMWalkDetails.xml file located in the same directory.

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