(Windows Machine) IPAM - IPaddress shows incorrect ip status

(Windows Machine) IPAM - IPaddress shows incorrect ip status

Ask him to follow the steps below and get output for the IP Address is up, but OpUtils noted as Down.
  1. Copy the attached txt file to OpManager_Insall_Dir/bin directory.
  2. Rename the file to IPAMWalk.bat
  3. Open a command prompt and change directory to OpManager_Insall_Dir/bin
  4. Execute the following command:
    IPAMWalk.bat <IP Address Which is showing incorrect status> (For Eg:- IPAMWalk.bat or IPAMWalk.bat
  5. If One more host give wrong results in IPAM then execute one by one 
          (For Eg:- 1. Execute IPAMWalk.bat
                     2. Wait for execution get finished.
                     3. Then Execute IPAMWalk.bat
  6. After successful execution, send us the IPAMWalkDetails.txt and IPAMWalkDetails.xml file located in the same directory.
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