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            Inputs required for analyzing Performance Issues

            We need a couple of details to analyze Performance issue. So, please send the below details :

            Below mentioned details should be gathered before restarting the application.

            1. Let us know whether you are taking Scheduled full backup or backup without attachments. You can know it from Admin -> Global settings -> Backup scheduling -> Edit scheduling.
            2. Are you using PGSQL or MSSQL as your database?
            3. Build number of the application. You can know this from Click on the (?) present in the top right of the user interface -> About Product.
            4. Click on the (?) present in the top right of the user interface -> Support -> System log viewer (search for the specific Date and time when the crash occurs) and send us the snapshot of the errors which is shown in this page for our analysis.
            5. From the same Support page -> Click on the Scheduled Activities and send the output.
            6. From the same support page -> Click on the Data Count in Table and send the output as well.

            8. When the application is slow, please collect the Thread dump using the below method before restarting the application. This is very important to analyze performance issues.

            To generate the thread dump, please invoke the below URL on the web browser.

            substitute the name of the server and the port that you're using.

            9. In case you are using MSSQL as DB, please execute mssqlLockStatistics.bat present under \SupportCenter\bin when the issue gets recreated (before restarting the application).

            10. Edit the wrapper.conf present under /supportcenter/server/default/conf folder

            --> Add the following new line under ( # Java Additional Parameters) . This helps us to know the connection-related information


            PS : If there is 27 line already, please put it as 28.

            11. Goto \Supportcenter\server\default\ log -> Zip this complete log folder and send all the details it to us.

            You can upload all the details in our by selecting the SupportCenter Plus as Product and ticket ID in the comments for our reference.

            Please contact us at for any assistance.

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