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            How to address Performance issue ?

            Application will face the performance issue because of couple of reasons.

            1. Application is not tuned properly. - To fix this - Please refer this tuning steps and do it.

            2. Email debug present under Admin -> Mail server settings is enabled for mail server related issue troubleshooting and not disabled post the analysis. Need to disable it , by unchecking the same.

            3. Enabled fine logs for some classes and forgot to set to servicedesk logger again to info. You can confirm it under Community tab -> Support tool. Set the logger name to ServiceDesk Logger to info always post the analysis is done.

            4. Couple of Schedules is running in the background as mentioned in this post. Hence we need the mentioned output to make sure it is completed. Till the schedule is completed, you will face performance issue.

            5. Thread gets locked as it did not get sufficient CPU cycles.

            To analyze this kind of Performance issue, logs and tuning alone wont be sufficient. Hence we need to follow few steps to enable Performance Monitoring tool which will monitor the performance of the application and automatically collects the data when the issue occurs for the next time.

            Please do the following steps and enable the performance monitoring tool.

            1. Login as administrator to the application.
            2. Goto Community tab -> Support Tool (present in the left side)

            Community tab --> 

            Support Tool reference :

            3. Under PERFORMANCE MONITORING TOOL section 

            set CPU --> 87%
            Free Memory --> 500 MB
            Monitoring Time Interval --> 6 Mins

            4. Click Enable Performance monitor

            5. Also when you feel the performance issue , please take the thread dump alone separately by invoking the URL  http://servername:port/jsp/ThreadDump.jsp 

            Save the output in a file and hit the URL again. Repeat it for 3 times and send the file as well along with other details as mentioned below.

            Later when the crash happens, restart the service and Goto Community tab -> Support Tool (present in the left side) and click Detailed support file. This will take few minutes to generate the necessary details.

            Once the file is generated , you need to download the file (from the pop-up which is invoked) and upload it under (mentioned the existing ticket ID you have in the comments for our reference) and choose the product name as ServiceDesk Plus MSP

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            Updated: 23 Jul 2018 03:40 AM
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