What is Data Archiving ?

What is Data Archiving ?

Data Archiving is a process where requests will be moved to the archived state (archived requests) and will be removed from the active requests list.

In the database perspective, It will be just moved from workorder table to arc_workorder table in the database. Similarly its dependencies tables will also be moved. These archived requests are considered as a separate set with separate search options and reports. Archived Requests will not be listed in the active request list, requests search result, and active request reports. You can always search archived request using the request ID in the search box with the appropriate filter. We have separate reports available for archived requests. You can find it in New Custom Reports.

You can be very sure that these tickets will not be lost any point and its just that its stored in a different bucket that will be accessed not quite often and while you access the requests tab, the load(no.of tickets) will be lesser there by boosting the performance of the application. DATA ARCHIVING is the considered to be the BEST PRACTICE in terms of application performance which gives a significant boost.

This can be done under Admin->Data Archiving. Also can be accessed through Quick Actions->Schedule data archive at the left top . Kindly refer to the help card in the same page if you need clarifications in configuring.
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