How to install GlowRoot for performance related issue in SCP 11.0

How to install GlowRoot for performance related issue in SCP 11.0

Kindly follow the steps below,

1.Download the file from this link
2.Extract the folder to the <drive>:\ManageEngine\SupportCenter Plus -directory
3.Edit run.bat file present in the SupportCenterPlus/bin folder and add the highlighted data in the file and save the file
%JAVA% -javaagent:%SERVER_HOME%\glowroot\glowroot.jar -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError %JAVA_OPTS%  -cp "%CLASS_PATH%"

4.Edit the wrapper.conf present in the location <drive>:supportcenter/conf/wrapper.conf, add the highlighted data and save the file

Note: If already exists then add

5. Stop the application and start it via command prompt and check if the traces of GlowRoot is being recorded.I have attached screenshot for reference.

6.You can invoke Glowroot in th URL by using the port 4000. e.g:http:localhost:4000. I have attached screenshot for reference.

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