Zone Groups in ManageEngine CloudDNS

Zone Groups in ManageEngine CloudDNS

What is a Zone Group?

A Zone group is a quick-curated list of a unique collection of multiple zones that simplifies zone management in CloudDNS. 

How to create or edit a zone group in ManageEngine CloudDNS?

To create a new zone group:

  1. Select the Config menu at the end of the menu bar on the left-hand side.

  2. Under the CONFIGURATION section, select Zones. Select the Zone Groups tab.

  3. Click on the Add Group button displayed on the page. The Add Group dialog box appears.

  4. Key in an identifiable name for the zone group into the Group Name text box.

  5. Select the list of zones to be included in the group from the drop down list box adjacent to the Zones field.

  6. When you're done updating the list of zones to the new Zone Group. Click Save.

  7. Once the zone group is created, if you'd like to update the list of zones in the zone group, you'll have to click  the Edit button in the far right end of the zone group to edit the specific zone group.

A zone can only belong to one zone group.

How to associate or dissociate a zone to a zone group while creating or editing a zone

While creating a new zone or editing an already existing zone in the Add/ Edit domain page (More on zone creation here):
  1. Navigate to Zone Group(s) field.  Select the zone group of your choice and click Save.
  2. The zone being created or edited becomes a part of the selected zone group.
Select No Group if you'd like to keep a zone de-associative of any zone group under your organization.

When are zone groups useful inside ManageEngine CloudDNS?

Zone groups are useful only when you are trying to grant access for selective zones to the Operator users under your organization. More on Users here.

As the Operator(s) in an organization are given only restricted access privileges, when you add a new Operator, CloudDNS will prompt you to choose the list of zones that the operator is allowed to access.
Instead of painstakingly choosing one zone per click from the drop down list adjacent to the Zones field as shown below, choose the relevant zone group from the dropdown list adjacent to the Zone Group(s) field, helps you select multiple zones, at a large scale, with just a single click. 

The Zone groups are used only for the ease of selection of a unique collection of multiple zones with just a single click. Updating a specific zone group in the Config menu after associating it with an operator's profile doesn't alter the zone configurations for the operator.

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