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        • Endpoint Central Workshop - Europe Edition

          Curious about unlocking the product to it's full potential? Finding yourself grappling with product challenges? We got you covered. Attend our Endpoint Central workshop where you can immerse yourself in cutting-edge strategies, interactive sessions and
        • ADSelfService Plus now offers RSA REST API-integration and other enhancements

          Hello Everyone, We are glad to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6404. Enhancements: REST API-based integration support has been provided for the RSA authenticator. The RSA authenticator now supports policy-based configuration.
        • End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement for Mobile Apps from build 13013 and below

          Dear users, From June 2024, ServiceDesk Plus mobile applications operating on build 13013 or below will reach end-of-life (EOL) after the release of iOS and Android mobile app version 6.0. Users who prefer to continue using the mobile app in build 13013
        • Phishing-resistant FIDO Passkeys support now available with ADSelfService Plus

          Hello Everyone, We are glad to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6403. Feature FIDO Passkeys for phishing-resistant MFA: FIDO-compliant device-authenticators like Windows Hello, Apple Face ID/Touch ID, Android Biometrics, and security
        • M365 Security Plus build 4608 is out now!

          Hello everybody! We are glad to announce the release of M365 Security Plus' latest build–4608. Issue fixes: An issue where the deletion of any profile in the Audit, Alert, and Monitoring modules causes all scheduled reports and profiles to be deleted
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        • Supercharge cost optimization in your service desk with report bundles

          Hi there, Looking to optimize IT costs? Are inefficient asset purchases draining your IT budget? Should you repair or replace? Elevate cost optimization strategies with our latest report bundle. Access pre-built insights on eliminating budget wastage,
        • [Free webinar] 5 quick steps to drive service desk cost optimization

          Hello there, Reduced budget wastage, streamlined asset management, and enhanced service desk efficiency—this is everything you stand to gain at the end of this webinar. Join the session and discover data-driven strategies that bring significant improvements
        • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 14.6 - Build 14620 is released

          Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. We released ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 14.6 - Build - 14620. We also released a couple of features in the recent hotfix releases. Please refer to the Migration path and the read me available to upgrade your SDP
        • [Tips & Tricks] ServiceDesk Plus on Docker

          Containerization is taking IT operations to a whole new level and If you are an IT Ninja or in to Enterprise IT, you've heard of Docker. With the increasing popularity of containerization\Docker, many of you are already thinking about hosting an SDP instance on Docker. Hence to make this transition simple and quick we have come up with a step by step instructions to install ServiceDesk plus on Docker for your reference and we hope our readers find this helpful. A quick overview on Docker and the
        • Data Security Plus integrates with Log360

          Dear All, Joining the Log360 bandwagon is DataSecurity Plus, a data visibility and security solution, capable of data discovery, file storage analysis, and Windows file server auditing. What benefits does this integration bring? Data discovery Find, analyze, and track sensitive personal data—also known as personally identifiable information (PII)—stored in files, folders, or shares. File server auditing Audit and monitor, report and alert on all file accesses and modifications made in your file server