How to reset the admin password for ADSelfService Plus

How to reset the admin password for ADSelfService Plus

Follow the steps given below to reset the admin password for ADSelfService Plus:
  1. Open the installation directory of ADSelfService Plus and go to <installation directory>\bin.
Hint: The default ADSelfService Plus directory path is C: > Program Files > ManageEngine > ADSelfService Plus > bin.
  1. Open an elevated command prompt with Administrator privileges and execute the resetADSSPPassword.bat file to reset the admin password.
  2. You can choose to reset MFA for the admin, if needed. Please note that on doing so, the enrollment data of the default admin account will be deleted.
Note: The default username and password is "admin".  However, for the ADSelfService Plus instance in an Azure or AWS environment will be the instance ID of the VM.

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