Upcoming End-of-Life of Request Admin V1 APIs

Upcoming End-of-Life of Request Admin V1 APIs

Dear users,

This announcement is to inform you that we have plans to process 
End-of-life (EOL) for Request Admin V1 APIs and Worklog V1 as a part of the 2022 Q3 release(Next SDP MSP major release). Post that release, any upcoming releases will not have access to the V1 Request Admin and Worklog V1 APIs. All clients and integrations based on V1 will stop working unless they are updated to use the latest V3 version of the above-mentioned APIs.

Corresponding admin V3 API documentation is available on 
API doctool page. Please refer to the attached document for the V1 APIs to be removed and their equivalent V3 URL. We strongly recommend moving to the new version of APIs for all cases where the operations are supported in the newer V3 APIs.

Impacted Areas
Any external products, web clients, or desktop applications that are integrated into ServiceDesk Plus MSP via the V1 APIs would be impacted (particularly integration's that use the Request API).

For any questions, you may reach our support at support@servicedeskplusmsp.com

Thanks for your continuous support

Head Of Service Delivery
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP Team‚Äč

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