ServiceDesk Plus MSP Utilizing ManageEngine DesktopCentral Agent For Inventory

ServiceDesk Plus MSP Utilizing ManageEngine DesktopCentral Agent For Inventory

Dear Users,

We would like to inform you that ServiceDesk Plus MSP- Remote Asset Explorer (RAE - Distributed scan) will soon be using ManageEngine Desktop Central’s scan component (Desktop Central Agent/DC) for the inventory of Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. Please be informed that the support for the existing ManageEngine AssetExplorer agent will be discontinued once the Desktop Central Agent is introduced. You cannot do an Agent scan directly from ServiceDesk plus MSP. You should install Remote Asset Explorer and the DC agent needs to be installed in the user's machines for the same purpose.
Why Desktop Central agent?
Desktop Central Agent, an offering from Desktop Central (unified endpoint management tool), provides agent-based inventory for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. It has advanced remote control functionality with session recording and file transfer options. It can also automatically fetch the warranty details of IT hardware assets. ServiceDesk Plus/AssetExplorer benefits largely by leveraging Desktop Central's Agent for Asset Discovery.
How to get the Desktop Central Agent?
You can download and deploy the Desktop Central Agent from within ServiceDesk Plus MSP compatible Remote Asset Explorer setup.
This will be effective from SDP MSP - 10526 releases. SDP MSPs - Compatible Remote Explorer download is available here.
Existing users can upgrade to the latest RAE as per the below path.
You can use the PPM path as mentioned - to upgrade RAE instance. 6500>> 6600>> 6700>> 6800>> 6900

If you have recently downloaded ServiceDesk Plus MSP's compatible Remote Asset Explorer (RAE) to do scanning you will be prompted to download Desktop Central when you access the Asset Discovery section from the RAE server (refer below image). Just follow the on-screen instructions to get the Desktop Central Agent.

Once Desktop Central is downloaded, you will get a link to download the Desktop Central Agent.

Existing Users
 If you are an existing ServiceDesk Plus MSP user, you need to install Desktop Central Agent once you upgrade to the latest version of ServiceDesk Plus MSP (Post 10526 build releases) on your Remote Asset Explorer.  Direct communication between SDP MSP - Agent is not supported. All communications should be done only through the RAE instance henceforth.

Please contact our support at for any clarifications.



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