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            Unable to start NetFlow plugin after install

            If NetFlow Plug-in is not started after fresh install, we require the below information to narrow down to find the sollution.

            1. Name of the exe file that the NetFlow plug-in was installed. (32 bit or 64 bit)
            2. Version and build number of Opmanager: you can find the build number by clicking on the support-> about on the top right of the OpManager User Interface.
            3. Current Version and build number of NetFlow Plug-in : You can find it by opening the file named located under <Opmanager_home>\NetFlow\conf\NetFlowor <Opmanager_home>\NetFlow\server\default\conf
            4. Database type used (MySQL / PgSQL / MSSQL): To know the database , in the OpManager User Interface, click on support -> support and send us the screenshot of this page.
            5. Also, send us the file Serverstart.log under Opmanage_Home/NetFlow.
            6. Please execute the ' LogZiputil.bat ' (for Windows) ( for Linux) file present under the "NetFlow_Home>/troubleshooting" directory. This will create a zip file under the "<NetFlow_Home>/support directory. Please send us the zip file for analysis. If the size of the zip file created is more than 2 MB please upload the log file on the following link.    [select Netflow Analyzer in the 'send to' address box and also enter your email address in the 'Your Email Address' box ]

            Updated: 08 Jul 2014 05:39 AM
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