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            Steps to revert the environment from an upgrade failure situation ?

            1. Rename the failed set up installation folder to <supportcenter_old> . Don't delete the installation folder until the process is completed.

            Download the existing version which you had before this upgrade from the below archives link.

            2. Install the same build in the server.
            3. Start and Shut down the application once.
            4. Open a command prompt and navigate into <supportcenter>/bin directory
            5. Execute restoreData.bat to restore the existing database.

            Once you executed the above batch file, a pop-up will be shown, Choose the proper working database which you have already to start the restore process.

            If you have mssql backup taken(.bak) file already, please restore it and you can just connect this instance to that database with this new instance.

            6.  Once the process is completed, Start the application.

            If you've taken a snapshot of the application server and the database server before the upgrade, please restore the snapshot of the servers.

            It would be of great help if you can send us the complete log folder (present under <supportcenter>/server/default/log folder) from the upgrade failed instance that will help us identify the root cause of the failure and in turn help us improve the upgrade tool. You can send the details to

            Updated: 02 Oct 2018 09:58 PM
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