How to upgrade SupportCenter Plus instance ?

How to upgrade SupportCenter Plus instance ?

Users who wants to upgrade the Supportcenter Plus instance needs to proceed with the following steps : 

Building a test environment is must while upgrading SupportCenter Plus. It is highly advisable to try the upgrade on the test environment first so that you will be confident about the upgrade on the Production server and it will help you to avoid unexpected upgrade issues.

Once the test environment is created, proceed with the below steps.

Step 1: Shut down the Supportcenter Plus service.
Step 2 : Open a command prompt in administrator mode and navigate into SupportCenter\bin directory
Step 3 : Execute  UpdateManager.bat 
Step 4 : Browse and apply the downloaded Service Pack.

This process will take some time depends on the database size and the service pack which is applied. So please don't close the command prompt till it gets completed.

Once you see the successful message, close the pop up.

Step 5 : Start the Supportcenter Plus service.
Step 6 : Log in to the application and check if everything is fine.
Step 7 : Shut down the application if you want to continue upgrading and proceed from step 1 to Step 7 again.

Important note ; Once a service pack is applied , you need to start the service and login to the application and check the application without fail and then only the next service pack should be applied.

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