How to build a test environment and try upgrade in SupportCenter Plus ?

How to build a test environment and try upgrade in SupportCenter Plus ?

  1. When you are planning to upgrade SupportCenter Plus to the latest version, it is highly advisable to try the upgrade on the test environment first so that you will be confident about the upgrade on the Production server. Make sure the test setup is not accessible via the internet or not accessible to other tools so that the Mails will not be fetched or sent from this test set up.

You can use trimmed backup alone for trying the upgrades.

  1. Steps to follow :
  2. Step 1 : Stop Manage Engine SupportCenter service on the production server.

  1. Step 2 : Take a Trimmed backup as mentioned here (once the trimmed back up is taken, you can start the production server)
  2. Once the backup is complete, a backup file with .data extension is placed in the Backup folder under the Supportcenter Plus\backup directory. 
  3. If it's an SQL database, just take the .bak file (SQL Backup) and restore it in a test SQL environment.

  1. Step 3: Install Test SupportCenter Plus on the new test server.  You can get related builds from our archives here. You should restore the database in the same build number always. You can know your Build number from the About page in the top right of the user interface.
  2. Step 4. Start and shut down the test application once.
  1. Dont start the test application, till the below queries are executed.
  1. As said above, Make sure this test system is out of your network, such that no new emails will be fetched or notifications will not be sent from this setup.  Please execute the below queries such that it will work as a test setup.
  1. The below steps are applicable for 8118 and lesser builds only.

  2. 1. Connect to the test database of your test set up.

  3. -- To Stop Outgoing mails

  1. update outgoingmailserver set HOSTNAME = 'ALPHA';
    update outgoingmailserver set ALTERNATEHOSTNAME = 'BETA';  

  2. -- To Stop Outgoing SMS

  3. delete from Services where serviceid=(Select Serviceid from ServiceAction where serviceactionid=(select serviceactionid from smsconfig));

  4. -- To Disable Schedules (eg. mail fetching, schedule based integrations like analytics, custom schedules etc..)


  6. -- To Disable all Custom Menus

  7. UPDATE Menu_Actions SET ISENABLED='false';

  8.   -- To Disable all Custom Triggers

  9. UPDATE Auto_Actions SET ISENABLED='false';

  10.  -- To Disable FAFRs with Action as Execute Script

  11. UPDATE RuleData SET ISENABLED = 'false' WHERE RULEID IN (SELECT rd.RULEID FROM RuleData rd LEFT JOIN RuleActionsMap ram on rd.RULEID = ram.RULEID LEFT JOIN RuleActionTypes rat on ram.RULEACTIONTYPEID = rat.RULEACTIONTYPEID WHERE rat.ACTIONNAME LIKE 'execute_script_action');

  12.   -- To Disable Telephony Service

  13. Update TelephonyService set enableservice='false'; *.

  1. Once the above queries are executed in your test database 

  1. Step 5: Start the SupportCenter Plus service and log in to it and check if everything looks fine.

  1. For any assistance, please contact our support at

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