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            Steps to change Authentication port 8200

            Steps to change Authentication port 8200:

            Analytics Plus is installed by default on port 8443 (Unless changed during installation). It also uses port 8200 by default for its internal authentication purpose. Now if you wish to change the authentication port 8200 to any other port number, please find the steps below.

            1. Stop the Analytics Plus services (using Services.msc)
            2. Open the <Analytics Plus home>\conf\ file using Wordpad
            3. Look for the entry 'iam.https.port=8200'
            4. Change the port number 8200 to your desired port (Ex: iam.https.port=443)
            5. Save the file
            6. Launch Command prompt as Administrator and browse to <Analytics Plus Home>\bin\
            7. Run the batch file 'changeHostPort.bat' with the below parameters. <Webserver port number> is 8443 by default, This is the port used to access Analytics Plus
            8. changeHostPort.bat <Webserver port number> true
            9. Once done, Start the Analytics Plus services under services.msc

            Example:   D:\ManageEngine\Ananlytics Plus\bin\> changeHostPort.bat 8443 true

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