Steps to Embed a report across databases

Steps to Embed a report across databases

This document captures the steps to embed a report from an ITOM Database into a dashboard under ITSM Database. This could be used when there is a requirement to view data/report from multiple databases in one single dashboard.

Prerequisite: This requires the Dashboard Viewer license to be enabled in the Analytics Plus license, as  the embedding requires authentication free access across databases.

Step 1: Create an Embedded iframe for the report required: (Under ITOM database, open the specific report and use the embed icon)

Step 2: Make sure to select 'Access Without Login' and refresh every 120 Seconds and Copy the iframe generated:

Step 3: Create/Edit the Dashboard under ITSM database: (Under the Servicedesk Plus database, edit the specific Dashboard where the report is to be embedded and click on 'Add Text')

Step 4: On the Text editor, click on 'Insert HTML' :

Step 5: On the Insert HTML window, paste the iframe copied from the report (copied from step 2) and click Insert:

Step 6: Once the report is loaded in the dashboard, save the dashboard.

Now every time the dashboard from your ITSM (Servicedesk plus) database is loaded, it will also load the report from the ITOM database automatically for all users of this Dashboard.

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