Change module data : Import into Analytics Plus

Change module data : Import into Analytics Plus

Change module data : Import into Analytics Plus

Note: When Analytics Plus officially supports Change module integration Out of the box, then these imported tables and reports might get overwritten. Please ensure to name the table as 'Change_localDB'.
Please find text file attached with the query to pull data from change module of Servicedesk Plus. Below are the steps to import them into Analytics Plus.
Step 1:
Click New and choose New table / Import Data.

Step 2:
Click Local and Cloud Databases.

Step 3:
Fill the database server details for the connection under the Connect to Local and Cloud Databases section and click Next. (In this case, We have chosen MS SQL as example)

Step 4:
Choose Custom Query radio button and paste the custom query(from attachment) inside the query editor. Click Next to proceed.

Step 5:
Type the table name(Change_localDB) and choose the proper datatypes for the columns in the preview. Click Next to proceed.
Below are the datatypes for the columns.
Column NameData Type
Change IDPositive Number
Created TimeDate
Completed TimeDate
Scheduled Start TimeDate
Scheduled End TimeDate
Next Review ScheduleDate
Overdue StatusPlain Text
RetrospectivePlain Text
EmergencyPlain Text
SubjectPlain Text
Change RequesterPlain Text
Change OwnerPlain Text
Change ManagerPlain Text
CategoryPlain Text
Sub CategoryPlain Text
ItemPlain Text
PriorityPlain Text
Change TypePlain Text
UrgencyPlain Text
SitePlain Text
GroupPlain Text
TemplatePlain Text
WorkflowPlain Text
StagePlain Text
StatusPlain Text
Reason For ChangePlain Text
Change Closure CodePlain Text
RiskPlain Text
ImpactPlain Text
SLAPlain Text

Step 6:
Schedule the import and click Create to complete the import.

Get back to us for any clarification.

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