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            Server Disk utilization Formula(SNMP)

            OpManager uses HostResources.mib and its OIDs to calculate the disk utilization. The OIDs(and the responses) that you have to check are

            1). :hrStorageType

            2). : hrStorageAllocationUnits

            3). hrStorageSize

            4). hrStorageUsed

            OpManager uses the first OID (hrStorageType) to find the list of fixed disks and the next 3 OIDs will be used for actual calculation only for those Fixed disks.

            Refer the attached image with the SNMP response for the above mentioned OIDs. Click Settings-->Tools MIB Browser  and load Host Resources-MIB and provide the device details and its community string and check responses for those OIDs.

            Note:You can also check the same using the standalone MIB browser by Open CMD prompt as Admin and execute mibbrowser.bat under /opmanager/bin. Load HostResources.mib and query the OIDs mentioned above.

            Out of 5 instances last three are the actual fixed disks(partitions). Others are RAM info and removable disks.  So the we need to use only the last 3 instances for calculation.

            Here is the Calculation for disk utilization


            Total used= 4096*20363308+ 4096*748795+ 4096*28642= 86592491520 bytes = 86.59GB

            Total HD size=4096*64607743+ 4096*34365439+ 4096*25599999=510251749376 bytes= 510.2GB

            So Disk Utilization(%)=86.59*100/510.2=16.97%

            Updated: 24 Dec 2018 05:25 AM
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