Configuring threshold value for disk partitions in OpManager

Configuring threshold values for disk partitions in OpManager


For the Servers, we discover Disk utilization using both WMI and SNMP. Also, we monitor the drive partitions that are available in those Servers.

The customers found this very effective except for those who had more Servers (where the threshold configuration by accessing each and every device is quite tedious).

To overcome this difficulty we came up with another function to update the threshold for drive partitions in bulk.

This can be achieved by going to Settings >> Configurations >> Quick configuration wizard >> Threshold Settings.

Under Performance Monitors, Select the Monitor type whether it is for Vmware datastore OR Partition details. Here Partition Details and Category as Servers.

The next page will list drive partitions of the Servers that are discovered.

Use the search (magnifying glass) icon to search & filter the specific drive partitions from all servers which will be listed. The drives can be selected for configuring the threshold.

Now the Configure Threshold page will pop up. Update the values, then Apply & Overwrite.

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