OpManager does not start after disk space issue on OpManager server

OpManager does not start after disk space issue on OpManager server

Issue: OpManager server ran out of disk space on Hard drive where OpManager is installed and does not start even   after  clearing the space.

Solution : During disk space issue , there is a possibility that OpManager license  files might get corrupted,  try to start
OpManager through  command prompt , if it prompts for the License file,  apply the license file again, if it does not accept even  browsing to the correct file, send your OpManager license file to support@opmanager.com, support team will verify the file and send you  complete set of  license files to fix it.

After fixing the issue, the files "AdventNetLicense.xml","PetInfo.dat" and "Product.dat" located under OpManagerhome/classes folder can be backed up and stored on a different location for future use. Simply replacing the 3 files will restore the original license information to the product.

Refer the link below to start OpManager in command prompt:
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