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            In OpUtils - Problem in discovering ipv4 subnets from routers


            By Design, We discover subnets from ipRouteTable(Oid: from routers.  Ask him to check the issue in our mib browser tool and send the screenshot of the MIB browser output for the above OID.

                  Also Please give the attached SubnetDiscovery.txt file to the customer and ask him to do the following
            •  Copy the attached txt file to OpUtils_Insall_Dir/OpUtils/bin directory.
            •  Rename the file to SubnetDiscovery.bat
            •  Open a command prompt and change directory to OpUtils_Insall_Dir/OpUtils/bin/
            •  Execute the following command:
            •  SubnetDiscovery.bat <RouterName/IP> <SNMP Community> <filename.txt>
            •  Ex:  SubnetDiscovery.bat public SubnetDetails.txt
            •  After successful execution, send us the SubnetDetails.txt file located in the same directory.
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            Updated: 13 Jul 2015 04:59 AM
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