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Everything you need to know about OpUtils' IP address management software

OpUtils' IP address management (IPAM) tool enables administrators to monitor and manage the IP address space in a single console. With its advanced IP scanner, OpUtils centralizes management of multiple IP subnets and supernets, conducting regular scans to provide real-time IP address availability. Simplifying network administration, OpUtils offers a centralized console for efficient IP address tracking and allocation, enabling administrators to quickly identify IP reservation status. Additionally, the tool supports multiple IP subnet inputs, facilitating network-wide scanning for comprehensive IP address status updates.

Here is a detailed overview of OpUtils' features.

Discovering subnets
With OpUtils, you can manually integrate subnets or use its auto-discovery from routers feature. Upon router discovery, administrators must verify and approve the subnets for scanning. The subnets are then automatically scanned after approval. Administrators may also provide brief descriptions for added subnets within OpUtils, if desired.

Managing supernets

Supernets streamline network monitoring and management by consolidating subnets into a unified perspective. IP management solutions empower network administrators to adjust network sizes and diminish routing demands through supernetting or route aggregation, optimizing address space usage for heightened network efficiency.

With OpUtils' IP Address Manager, network admins effortlessly add and oversee their IP supernets, simplifying monitoring and management across multiple subnets. This helps the administrator gain a centralized understanding of various supernets and their associated subnets, enhancing IP network management.

Hierarchical tree view

Administrators have the capability to view the discovered supernets and their corresponding IPs within a hierarchical network layout. They can also organize subnets according to location or usage. This helps administrators effortlessly locate a subnet to access the necessary details. Furthermore, the IPAM tool enables administrators to conveniently drag and drop subnets between groups, rename tree nodes, add or remove subnets, and perform comprehensive scans across all subnets within a group.

DHCP monitoring

DHCP monitoring software effortlessly integrates with Microsoft DHCP servers, offering versatile scanning capabilities and proactive alert notifications. With the DHCP Scope Monitor, administrators can efficiently oversee DHCP scopes, gaining valuable insights into the availability of IP addresses within each scope.

IP scanning
The flexible IP scanning options allows the administrator to choose between manual scans or scheduled runs at specified intervals. Administrators have the freedom to select scanning methods such as Ping, SNMP, or DNS. In cases where subnets are inaccessible due to firewalls or other restrictions, scanning can be disabled, and administrators can manually designate IP address statuses as used or available. Additionally, the IP manager tool enables the reservation of IP addresses for specific purposes and supports simultaneous scanning of multiple subnets, empowering administrators to mark IP addresses as Reserved or Static as needed.

End-to-end IP details

The IP Address Manager conducts periodic scans of subnets via ICMP, SNMP, DNS, and WMI to fetch comprehensive IP details. It provides a plethora of information per IP, including DNS name, MAC address, and more, alongside a history of IP allocations. Additionally, administrators can add custom columns for user-defined values, enhancing flexibility at both subnet and IP levels, with fields for contact details available, facilitating seamless customization.

IP request tool

The IP Address Manager is OpUtils' user-friendly IP request tool, empowering administrators to effortlessly create, view, and monitor IP requests with ease. OpUtils operators can utilize this feature to request IP addresses within their assigned subnets, with the tool logging and displaying all IP requests and their allocation statuses. Administrators can efficiently manage received IP requests, with options to approve, decline, or modify requests as needed, including changing the requested subnet.

Active Directory
OpUtils' IPAM suite seamlessly integrates with Windows Active Directory, enhancing network efficiency through accurate cross-validation of IP addresses with Active Directory computer objects. By conducting regular scans of Windows Active Directory, our IP management tools gather up-to-date details of computer objects, ensuring the integrity of the database.

dministrators will be able to monitor critical metrics like Created Time, GUID, Last Logon, OS Name, and OS Version for all Active Directory computers, thereby helping them gain a comprehensive overview of the IP network. With synchronized data and periodic scans, our IP management software guarantees continuous updates, empowering administrators with real-time insights into network configurations.

history and auditing
In the domain of IPAM software, auditing is a critical functionality to track actions and their timelines effectively. OpUtils keeps track of every action users take from its UI, logging all information including the date and time. This robust logging mechanism enables administrators to meticulously monitor and audit changes made via the IP Address Manager interface. Furthermore, administrators possess the capability to trace the user to whom a specific IP address was allocated on a given date, courtesy of the IP history feature seamlessly integrated into this suite of IP address tools.

Alert notifications
OpUtils offers robust alerting options to keep administrators informed about changes in IP address states via email. The IP Address Manager generates alerts for various scenarios including state transitions from Transient to Available or vice versa, DNS Reverse Lookup and Forward Lookup failures, and discrepancies in IP utilization within subnets. With customizable thresholds for IP utilization, administrators can proactively monitor and address potential network issues.

Granular reports

The IPAM software furnishes exhaustive reports detailing available and used IP addresses across the network, with the added convenience of exporting reports in PDF, CSV, or XLS format. Drawing from the IP Address Manager scan outcomes, OpUtils generates the IP Availability Report, adhering to a predefined policy that designates non-responsive IP addresses as available IPs. IPs inactive for a continuous span of 10 days are classified as available IPs, with the option to tailor this duration as per your requirements. OpUtils' comprehensive IP Availability Reports encompass both available and used IP addresses, delivering nuanced insights into network addresses.

Role-based access control

The IP management platform underscores the criticality of network security by limiting access to authorized personnel when using IP address tools. Role-based access control within OpUtils empowers administrators to take control in creating users by providing users with either administrator or technician roles. While administrators enjoy full access, technicians are restricted to read-only access, establishing security across the network infrastructure.

Global search

With OpUtils, administrators can effortlessly track IP addresses using the powerful global search feature. They can search by IP Address, MAC Address, DNS Name, Switch Name, and much more to gain quick access to comprehensive details.

Network utilities
OpUtils houses over 30 network utilities that simplify IPAM further. Administrators can easily access vital information like current availability and DNS names directly from the IP details view. With just a click, they can utilize various IP tools to perform actions such as Ping to check availability, Resolve DNS to fetch DNS names, Resolve MAC Address for MAC details, Trace Route for network path analysis, System Explorer for comprehensive system details, and VNC Viewer for seamless remote connections to computers.

Download a 30-day, free trial or schedule a live demo with us today and experience the advantages of OpUtils IPAM in your network.

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