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            How to construct a query to pull additional fields - Asset

            To find Alais name of an asset additional field name

            select COLUMNNAME,ALIASNAME from columnaliases where tablename='Resource_fields'

            Sample Additional fields
            • Environment
            • Hosting Platform
            • Patching Time-Frame
            • MFA
            • Function
            • Datacenter
            • Backups Scheduled
            • DXC Disposed Date
            • Sensitive Data
            • DMZ
            • OS Expiry Date


            select resFields.resourceid,resFields.UDF_CHAR1 AS "Environment",resFields.UDF_CHAR2 AS "Hosting Platform",resFields.UDF_CHAR3 AS "Patching Time-Frame",resFields.UDF_CHAR4 AS "MFA",resFields.UDF_CHAR5 AS "Function",resFields.UDF_CHAR6 AS "Datacenter",resFields.UDF_CHAR7 AS "Backups Scheduled",resFields.UDF_CHAR8 AS "DXC Disposed Date",resFields.UDF_CHAR9 AS "Sensitive Data",resFields.UDF_CHAR10 AS "DMZ",longtodate(resFields.UDF_DATE1) AS "OS Expiry Date" FROM Resource_fields resFields
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