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            Workaround for Backup Issues

            Nowadays the database size is huge in various users instance. It is because the indexing related files, archived files, file attachments are folder are huge in size. Due to which either our application is facing performance issues, Backup is not working.

            To overcome this, we have a workaround. Please follow this and check whether it works. Try this in the user non-operational hours.

            1. Edit the 
            backUpData.bat (present under SupportCenter\bin folder)  and add the below entries in the last line(in bold alone) and also tune the backUpData.bat as the conversation files are huge in size around 10 Gb

            %JAVA% %JAVA_OPTS% -Xms128m -Xmx4096m -Dsdp.backup.home=%BACKUP_DIR% -Dignore.folder=index,archive -Dserver.home=%SERVER_HOME%

            PS : Tune according to the server capacity (above is applicable for 8 GB RAM machine)

            2. Disable the automatic backup scheduling from the user interface. Admin -> Global Settings -> Backup Scheduling -> Edit scheduling.

            3.  Open a command prompt and navigate into SupportCenter\bin folder and execute backUpData.bat --trimmed

            This will take backup without attachments. 

            PS : Please take the archive, index, fileattachments , custom folder present under <supportcenter> folders backup separately.

            Some users may get Stream Closed Error at the final stage (post taking the backup), we can ignore the message.

            Once a backup is created under <SupportCenter\trimmedbackup> folder, please try to restore this backup in a test environment only once to make sure it is working fine.

            Finally, if it works, customers can use their Windows task schedule and use this backUpData.bat --trimmed option and take the backup.

            In case you still find any errors, please send the SDPbackup.log file present under SupportCenter\bin folder and also the error thrown in the command prompt.

            You can contact our support at for any assistance.

            Updated: 24 Dec 2018 12:58 AM
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