Steps for taking Trimmed Backup

Steps for taking Trimmed Backup

ServiceDesk Plus – MSP is designed in such a way that the file attachments are not stored in the database. The attachments are stored in the file attachments folder of the installation directory (C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP). If there are lots of attachments in your ServiceDesk installation you can save time by performing a backup without file attachments (i.e.) backup of the database alone.

Open a command prompt as an administrator, navigate to the below directory and execute the command as below,

C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk Plus MSP\bin>trimmedBackUpData.bat

Note: Kindly verify if it says ‘it is going to take a backup without file attachments’ as highlighted in the screenshot.

Once the backup is complete, a backup file with .data extension is placed in the Trimmed Backup folder under ServiceDesk Plus – MSP Home directory.

This backup file contains information such as, the Build number of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP, and date and time when the backup was performed. Here is the format of the backup file.

Backup_ ServiceDesk_ [Build number] _Month _date _ Year _ Hour _Minutes

For example, a trimmed backup taken in Version 9.4 and Build 9422 of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP looks like this

There will  be multiple parts in it. Example – backup_servicedesk_9422_database_<date> and backup_servicedesk_9422_fullbackup_<date> This complete folder is your backup of the database.

For restore process, if you initiate the 1st part it is always enough, as the system will restore the rest of the parts. Refer here for restore process. After restoring the Data using the BAckup please manually copy the below folders from the old server to the new server,

Inline images
File attachments

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