How do I restore the backup data?

How do I restore the backup data?

NOTE: Data can be restored only across same builds of ServiceDesk Plus – MSP version. i.e. data backed up in 10600 build of ServiceDeskPlus – MSP can be restored only in 10600 build. Please check if the old build and new build are of same build versions.
Build version can be checked
  1. By clicking on the About link in the application [OR]
  2. From buildInfo.xml file under <ServiceDeskMSP Home>/server/default/conf or search under servicedeskplusmsp/conf -> buildInfo.xml from the installation directory.
a. You should Install same builds that you used before and restore the database. You can download the old releases builds from here.
Once installed the build , start and shut down the application once. This is a mandatory step.

Later follow the below steps :

Step 1: To restore the backed up data, open a Command Prompt as an Administrator,

ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus – MSP\bin>restoreData.bat

When it is prompted, please browse and select the backup (just part 1) and it will start the restore process thereby automatically restoring the rest of the parts, without you having to invoke other parts of the backup manually.

You would be asked for backup password while restore is initiated. Default Backup password: SDP123!

Step 2: Start the ServiceDesk Plus – MSP service once after restoring the data in the new server. Also, login and check the data.

Step 3:  You can apply the license using Help->License page. License file can be obtained from previous server(ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus – MSP\lib\AdventNetLicense.xml) in case if you do not have it handy.

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