Attribute violated threshold, but alarms were not generated

Attribute violated threshold, but alarms were not generated

    1.) Ensure that thresholds have been associated for the attribute and that there are no business hours restriction configured for it. For example, if the CPU utilisation of the server exceeded the permissible levels, navigate to Monitor → Configure Alarm to check if thresholds have been set for CPU Utilization (%).

Navigate to Threshold Profile → View Threshold Profiles page. Click on the threshold profile you want to check. Click on 'Show advanced options' and check the value of 'polls to try'  field for critical and warning severities.

  • If this is set to Use global defaults, refer step 2.

  • If this is set to 3 out of 3 or a different value, alarms will get triggered only when that condition is satisfied.

Business Hour: From the View Threshold profile page, check if any Business hour restriction has been applied.


If business hour restriction has been applied, navigate to Reporting ->Business Hour from Admin tab and edit the Business hour restriction and configure the timings according to your requirement. Based on this condition, threshold will get violated.
Click here to learn more about configuring Business Hours for attributes.



    2.) Navigate to Admin->Action\Alarm settings page and verify the Consecutive Polls Count values for Critical and Warning severities.

    3.) From the monitor page, click on attribute data for the faulty monitor and click onShow polled data” to ensure that the attribute violated the threshold. Taking the above screenshot as an example, alarm will be generated only when the attribute violates the threshold for two polls continuously.

    4.) Verify Health dependency of the attribute: From the monitor page of the faulty monitor, navigate to Configure alarm  → Configure Health → Configure actions at attribute level → Show advanced options to ensure that the health dependency is set to “Depends on any 1 selected attribute”. Ensure that the attributes are in the “Selected dependent attributes section on the right side.

Note: Enterprise Edition users should check this from the Managed server from which the monitor was added and not from the Admin server.


    5.) If all these conditions are met and if alarms are still not generated, please raise a ticket with the Applications Manager support team along with all the above configuration and the support file.

This KB article explains why alarms are not generated for some attributes. If alarms are getting generated and actions (Email/SMS/Tickets) are not triggered, refer this KB.

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