Critical\Warning alarm was raised, but action wasn't triggered

Critical\Warning alarm was raised, but action wasn't triggered

    1.)   Ensure that actions have been associated for the attribute that generated the alarm. For example, if the CPU utilisation of the server exceeded the permissible levels and generated the alarm, navigate to Monitor page-> Configure Alarm and ensure that Actions are associated with this attribute.

    2.)   If this is an Email action, from Action Drop down->View Action-> Execute the action manually and check if the mail action works.
    If it fails and points to an error related SMTP, then the action could not have  been triggered due to the SMTP issue. To test SMTP server, refer this KB .

    3.)   If SMTP works, navigate to Admin-> Action\Alarm settings tab and check if “ Enable Action when alarms are generated ” field is checked.

    4.)   If the above field is checked and the monitor is present in any of the groups, verify whether actions are enabled in the group level. This can be verified from the Monitor group view as show in the screenshot below .

             5.)  Check if Business Hours option has been configured. If yes, actions will be executed based on the value of When to execute action field. To ensure that an action is triggered every time an alarm is raised, disable the Execute Actions based on Business Hours option.

    6.)   If all of the above configurations have been enabled, please raise a ticket with the Applications Manager support team along with all the configuration and support file .

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