What to do when SMTP mail configuration fails?

What to do when SMTP mail configuration fails?

This article is about troubleshooting failure of SMTP mail configuration:

1.) Verify SMTP configuration from Command Prompt using TELNET.

How to run Telnet test?

Open command prompt with Admin permission and type:   telnet <smtp_Server> <port>

Example:    telnet   smtp.gmail .com  587

NOTE: Type the commands in the notepad and then copy paste it in the command prompt. Using Backspace/Delete/Insert/Editing in Command prompt creates incorrect results.

2.) Upon successful connection, you will see the below message:

For more details, please click here .

3.) If Telnet is successful, then perform SMTP test to check if the connectivity and the Discovery of the SMTP Server is possible from the server in which Applications Manager is installed.

How to run the SMTP test?

-> Open command prompt with Admin permission, navigate to AppManager/bin/troubleshootin g directory and execute the SMTPtest using the below usage.

smtpTest.bat [SMTP Server Address] [Port Number] [Timeout] [User Email(From)] [To Email Address] [Username] [Password] [SSL or TLS]

The below values are mandatory:

[SMTP Server Address]  SMTP Server Address

[Port Number]  Port number of the smtp server

[Timeout]  Time out value in seconds to be used for connecting to SMTP server. Default value is 5 seconds.

Optional values:

[User Email(From)] Specify FROM Email Address
[To Email Address] Specify TO Email Address
[Username] Account Username
[Password] Account Password
[SSL or TLS] Specify SSL or TLS for authentication

Note: Optional fields' values are compulsory for troubleshooting the SMTP Server settings. If there isn't any value for any of the above fields, mention it as empty quotes i.e. "".  

-> The SMTP test will initiate the process that discovers the SMTP Server and upon success, you will be able to find if discovery is possible and if data is returned for all attributes or not.  

-> In case there are issues for any attribute data, then it'll be shown a s null which implies that the data is not available in that server and has to be checked in the SMTP running server.

4.) If Telnet itself fails, ensure that you have a proper connection with the mail server and then do the SMTP test.

5.) For more info or assistance, send the SMTP test output for analysis along with Support Information File.

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