How to set Business Hour Restriction

How to set Business Hour Restriction

    Business hours is a pre-determined set of hours which helps you to view reports for specific hours during the day. Instead of viewing data for the entire 24 hour period, you can now view reports for the particular business hours you have set. It helps you identify the critical issues which may have arisen during business hours for a particular application or resource.

    Configuring Business hours:

    Business hours can be set by following the steps below:

    • From the Admin tab, navigate to Reporting -> Business Hour.

    • Click on New Business Hour link.

    • You can now create business hour restriction windows by providing details like name, description & time settings as shown in the sample screenshot.


    Apply Threshold based on Business Hours:

    Thresholds can be configured for customized business hour restrictions while creating the threshold profile by following the below steps:

    • Select the "Apply Threshold based on Business Hours" option.

    • The threshold can be applied within/outside the selected business hours by choosing the respective option.

    • Pre-configured business hours can be tagged from the drop-down menu or new business hours can be added by clicking the link available.

    Business Hours in Reports:

    While generating the reports, you can choose the created business hour interval and it will show data only for the pre-configured time interval.

    Setting Business Hours in the Enterprise Edition:

    You can set Business Hours from the Admin Server and the Managed Servers in the Enterprise Edition of Applications Manager. The business hours set in the Admin Server automatically syncs with the Managed Servers. However, the hours set in the Admin Server can only be reused and cannot be edited from the Managed Servers.

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