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            Set "Reporting to" person and his manager as approvers for approval process

            Use Case:
            Any request raised by a user needs approval from their direct "Reporting To" manager.  This is configurable using $reporting_to$ variable in the work flow template.  In certain cases it might require second level of approval, which would be the lead of the reporting to person.

            2. :  This package consists of all the functions that are used to handle the standard requirements of the customer.  Most repeated requirements are written as separate functions.  Depending on our usecase, we can include these functions in our script. 
            3. configuration.json : This file maintains the configuration details of the installed server.  

            Execution Steps:
            1.  Execute the below query and save the report with a title.

            select mgr.userid,aa.first_name,mgr.manager,ci.emailid from (select a.userid,a.reportingto,(select reportingto from sduser b where b.userid=a.reportingto) manager from sduser a) mgr
            left outer join aaauser aa on (aa.user_id=mgr.userid)
            left outer join aaausercontactinfo au on (au.user_id=mgr.manager)
            left outer join aaacontactinfo ci on (au.contactinfo_id=ci.contactinfo_id)

            2.  Extract the ZIP file under ..\ManageEngine\Servicedesk\integration\custom_scripts - folder.
            3.  Edit the configuration.json and update the values.
            4.  Configure a custom schedule to execute everyday and pass this report as a parameter.
            5.  Go to Admin > Custom Schedule > give a schedule name > execute script > py
            6.  Configure a custom trigger that gets invoked every time a ticket is created.


            Custom Schedule:

            Custom Trigger:

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            Updated: 24 Oct 2018 05:58 AM
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