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            SAP HANA integration

            1. Download the attached dbtypes.json which should be replaced with the one present under <Aplus_Home>/reports/conf/ZohoDB.
            Note: Please take a backup of the existing one.
              2. JDBC driver(ngdbc.jar) should be placed under <Aplus_Home>/reports/lib    
            Steps to get the driver jar:
            The driver (ngdbc.jar) is installed as part of the SAP HANA client installation and is located at:
            C:\Program Files\sap\hdbclient\ on Microsoft Windows platforms
            /usr/sap/hdbclient/ on Linux and UNIX platforms
             3. Restart Analytics Plus.
             SAP HANA client download and installation steps are detailed here

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            Updated: 29 Nov 2017 01:01 PM
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