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            Probe issue

            There are few basic requirements for the probe to run without any error's. Please make sure that the below given requirements are met,
            1.Remote Registry service must be running in the target workstations ie In all the workstations the remote registry should have been running under services.msc. 
            2.Port 139 (File Sharing) must be open on the target workstations ie, you should be able to telnet the targeted workstation from the probe machine.
            Now once both the requirements are met, you should able to scan and pull the workstation details fine. 
            Regarding unable to connect to Admin$ share, please check whether you are able to connect to the admin$ share of the target system from the Probe machine by typing \\targetSystem\admin$ in either Run or Search. If you are not able to make sure Port 139 (File Sharing) is open on the target workstations.

            If all these conditions are satisfied and you can't find any error messages, please send us the logs of the probe so that we can analyze the log to check on the issue. You will be able to find the log under this directory "C:\ManageEngine\SDPODProbe\logs".

            Please get back to us for further assistance.
            Thanks & Regards,

            Updated: 21 Aug 2017 05:23 AM
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