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            MSSQL Server migration

            1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service. 

            2. Backup the old Netflow DB and restore on to the new DB server (Connect MSSQL client using SQL Server Management Studio and backup netflow database and restore it new server).

            3. From the New MSSQL SERVER, copy the files bcp.exe and bcp.rll to NetFlow/bin /  folder. 

            4. Please make sure that "SQL browser" service is running in the new server. 

            5. Download the same version of MSSQL server Native client and install it on the NetFlow server. This is needed for NetFlow Analyzer Plugin to communicate remote database server. After installing the Native client, please restart the NetFlow Analyzer server.

            6. Make sure that the database user for NetFlow has "sys admin" permission. 

            7. Open a cmd prompt as administrator, and navigate to /NetFlow/bin/. 

            8. Execute ChangeDBserver.bat 

            9. Check if all the information is correct for new SQL server, Test and save the configuration. 

            10. Start the NetFlow analyzer service, wait for couple of hours and check the reports.
            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 04:04 PM
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