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            Distributed Edition Upgrade to Build 9900 from 9860 / 9861 / 9862 / 9865 / 9870/9800 / 9810 / 9850

            NOTE: Make sure you have taken the complete NetFlow Analyzer directory backup  for all the collectors and Central  before you proceed with the upgrade.

            1- Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service on Central Server(Collector service should be running).

            2- Download the corresponding service pack from this link

            4- Make sure no java or postgres process is running in the task manager of Central Server.

            5-Open a cmd prompt as administrator and navigate to %NetFlow%\bin in Central Server.

            6- Execute updatemanager.bat, the update wizard  will ask you to browse for the ppm file.

            7- Select the downloaded file, wait for the process to complete.

            8- Start the NetFlow analyzer service and check if everything is working fine on Central as well as Collector

            Updated: 08 Oct 2015 06:41 AM
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