Upgrade 12000 to 12100

Upgrade 12000 to 12100

Note: This is applicable only for NetFlow Analyzer Build 12000 and above. Make sure to take the backup of the complete <OpManager_Home> directory after stopping the service before following the steps.

For Windows Upgrade:

1. Stop NetFlow Analyzer(OpManager) Service.

2. Download the patch file from the link here

3. Copy and extract (using Extract Here option) the 12100UpgradePatch_Aug04.zip file under <ManageEngine>\OpManager folder, it will copy and replace the existing files.

4. Download and the bat file 12100_Upgrade_Aug04.bat from Here copy it under OpManager_Home folder.

5. Open command prompt as Administrator and navigate to OpManager_Home directory

6. Execute 12100_Upgrade_Aug04.bat and once prompted to select for File or Directory just enter "F"

7. Once completed start NetFlow Analyzer (OpManager) Service and wait for 5 mins and let the product to start.

8. Once done, stop the OpManager service again.

9. Delete the folder named logs under OpManager_Home directory.

10. Start the OpManager service and check on the issue.

Clear the browser cache and cookies and login to the UI and check on the issue.

For Linux Upgrade:

1. Download the 12100UpgradePatch_Aug11.zip file from here and save it under ./<OPM-HOME>/ 

2. Stop OpManager Service. 

3. Rename Old ./<OPM-HOME>/logs folder and recreate new ./<OPM-HOME>/logs folder 

4. Download/RightClick and save the shell script file 12100_Upgrade_Aug11.sh under ./<OPM-HOME>/ from here
Execute the command from command prompt to change permission level of the downloaded file 
chmod 777 12100UpgradePatch_Aug11.zip 

5. Extract the 12100UpgradePatch_Aug11.zip directly under ./<OPM-HOME> directoryand make sure subfolder ./<OPM-HOME>/12100Upgrade exists. 
command to unzip :: unzip 12100UpgradePatch_Aug11.zip -d

6. Execute the downloaded 12100_Upgrade_Aug11.sh file saved under ./OPM-HOME/ 

7. Start the OpManager Service and wait for ~5minutes 

8. Stop the OpManager Service 

9. Again Start the OpManager Service (yes,it needs OpManager service start twice.) 

Note :: Sometimes there could be browser cache issue so clear it once and try reloading the webclient.

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