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            AntisamyNotificationSchedule - Move Notification Description as Attachment

            Large content (>64k) in notificationtodescription table causes failure in backup/trimmed backup. The schedule's (AntisamyNotificationSchedule) job is to move large content from notificationtodesc table as attachment.

            Below is the file attached to guide through the steps to reset the schedule.

            Also, the same task can be performed using jar/fjar and invoking server:port/servlet/DebugServlet. Need to insert values in globalconfig. Check attached file for reference.

            Note: Check whether proper entries are available in globalconfig table before starting schedule or invoking DebugServlet.

            AntisamyNotificationSchedule and Invoking DebugServlet after putting these jars will do the same operation. So please perform any ONE operation with proper values configured. Difference is Servlet will run continuously (causes high CPU usage) while schedule will run as per design in off business hours.

            - Nihal 

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