How to import user additional fields using LDAP

How to import user additional fields using LDAP

In order to import additional fields or map any other fields in AD to the system fields, a row needs to be updated with the appropriate values

You can follow the below steps 

1. Take a trimmed backup of the database.

4. Run the below query 

insert into sdldapfieldmap values (7, null, 'SD_FIELD_NAME', 'AD_FIELD_NAME', true);

- The number 7 should be incremented for every row
-  SD_FIELD_NAME is the field name in the application  (Ex:Organization)
-  AD_FIELD_NAME is the AD attribute name  (Ex: company)

For example,

insert into sdldapfieldmap values (7, null, 'Organization', 'company', true);

5. Restart the services.

6. Import the users. 

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